Forbidden Descent Guide for Restoration Druids

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Kin’garoth

kin'garoth antorus boss fight guide restoration druid

This fight is not too difficult as long as people are aware of the timers and where the boss is facing.  He sits in the middle of this platform and doesn’t really move.  Your raid group will be on the circle around him. Stay away from the tanks so you don’t take damage.  Avoid the pretty purple balls, called Diabolic Bombs, going around the platform, as they explode for AoE damage.  Avoid the detonation charges left behind after Reverberating Strike.

The boss will cast an ability called Ruiner, which shoots a large green beam from his hand that he slowly moves around about a fourth of the platform.  You can easily see where it will come just by looking at where the boss’s hand is facing.  There is no way to know which direction it will go in, so the safest bet is to just run far enough away that it won’t hit you either way. Avoid the small alcove areas that come out of the platform until the second stage, where Kin’garoth will start building a construct.  Avoid Apocalpyse Blast during this phase.  After the construct is killed, you will go back to the first phase.

During the fight, players will either get red circles around them, or purple circles around them.  SPREAD for red (Decimation), and STACK for purple (Demolish).  Also soak the Annihilation.  I recommend putting Efflorescence under melee, or under ranged if the ranged group is stacking, which they may not be.  You’ll need to move it during the second phases.  I recommend picking up Cenarion WardInner PeaceGermination, and Flourish.  Of course I also recommend Displacer Beast, as it’s great for running away from the beam if you get caught with your pants down.

2. Varimathras

varimathras antorus boss fight guide restoration druid

This is a very simple fight without much mechanically going on.  It is one simple stage and basically a tank and spank.  If you are not within 8 yards of another player, you will be hit by Alone in the Darkness.  The common strategy for this is to have one melee group on the boss, and one ranged group more in the middle of the room.  I’d put down two markers.  When the boss casts Dark Fissure, there will be swirlies on the ground for you to avoid, and the whole group just move a few yards away to the other marker.  This is literally the only mechanic you will need to worry about.  There’s not much spiky damage either. It’s pretty consistent.

The group will take ticking damage over time from either Torment of Flames or Torment of Shadows, but it isn’t that bad. On Heroic there is also Torment of Frost and Torment of Fel.  Recommended talents are Cenarion WardSpring Blossoms (Inner Peace on Heroic to deal with Torment of Fel), and Flourish.  There is nothing we would need Displacer Beast for.  Efflorescence placement is easy, either under the melee group or the ranged group.

3. Coven of Shivarra

antorus boss fight guide restoration druid

This fight can be very difficult for the unprepared.  In this fight, you fight a group of three Shivarra, and two of them will be up at a time.  It goes in a predictible order of activation.  First Fire and Shadow are active, then Shadow and Ice, then Ice and Fire.  Noura is the fire Shivarra.  She does a frontal cone attack called Fiery Strike, so do not be in front of her.  She does an ability called Whirling Saber, which is easy to spot.  Be far away from it.  On Heroic, move at least 6 yards away from other players when you get hit by Fulminating Pulse.  Asara is the shadow shivarra.  Avoid Shadow Blades, which spawn under her and shoot out.

On Heroic, stand inside the white rings during Storm of Darkness to avoid damage.  Diima is the ice Shivarra.  When players get hit by Chilled Blood, they need to be healed fast to remove the absorb effect.  On Heroic, move away from the Orb of Frost.  As players are fighting two of the Coven, the other one will be outside the fight doing some shenanigans on the Titans.  Over this time, the raid will be getting stacks of Sense of Dread, and after the 80 second cast, the debuff will drop off and the raid will need to deal with whichever Titan ability she Shivarra was activating.  This is a rundown of the abilities:

Machinations of Aman’Thul: Spawns multiple adds around the room.  They don’t move and they aren’t tankable.  They do a long cast which heals them to full, so they need to be burned down one at a time.  Also do damage over time.

Fury of Golganneth: Do not stand within two yards of other players.  These ones don’t heal so you can DoT them.

Flames of Khaz’goroth: Avoid flame lines.

Spectral Army of Norgannon: Avoid the ghosts that will be walking toward you.  Typhoon works to knock them back and you can run past them.

You can tell which one the Shivarra will activate based on which Titan she is tormenting.

It is possible to shapeshift out of the Orb of Frost slow effect.  You can also cast Mass Entanglement on the middle add of the wall of Norgannon adds and that will keep them CCd for up to 30 seconds.  Talent-wise, I would take Cenarion WardDisplacer BeastCultivationInner Peace, and Flourish.  It’s a safe bet between either Typhoon or Mass Entanglement. Either one will be useful.  The group will be a bit spread out but you can place Efflorescence under the melee.  The most hectic time is likely to be Machinations of Aman’Thul, and you may need to Tranq for it.  If you find you aren’t needing that oh shit button as much, you might want to spring for Germination instead of Inner Peace.

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