Foulclaw Strategies for Family Fighter

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These are simple strategies to defeat Foulclaw for the Family Fighter achievement.  Note that you can fight all these pets regardless of whether their world quest is up or not, so you can grind out the whole achievement in one day if you really want to.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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My Favorite Pets for Battling

1. Humanoid Havoc

Sister of Temptation (1, 1, x)
Rotten Little Helper (x, 2, x)
Terky (x, x, 2)

Shadow Shock twice. Curse of Doom. Switch to Helper and use Ice Tomb. Switch to Terky and Stampede. You can clean up with Sister.

2. Draconic Destruction

Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon (1, 2, 2)
Nether Faerie Dragon (1, 2, 1)
Chrominius (x, 1, 1)

Breath. Celestial Blessing. Life Exchange. Switch to Nether. Arcane Blast. Life Exchange. Moonfire. Arcane Blast. Bring Broodling back in. Celestial Blessing. Bring in Chrominius. Howl. Ravage.

3. Fierce Fliers

Ikky (1, 1, 1)
Bloodgazer Hatchling (2, 1, 1)
Bat (1, x, x)

Black Claw. Flock. Savage Talon.

4. Unstoppable Undead

Blighted Squirrel (1, 2, 2)
Spirit Crab (1, x, x)
Fossilized Hatchling (1, 1, x)

Crouch. Stampede. Scratch. Stampede. Bring in Crab. Snap until Foulclaw dies.

5. Critical Critters

Alpine Chipmunk (2, 1, 2)
Scooter the Snail (1, 1, 2)
Red-Tailed Chipmunk (2, x, x)

Adrenaline Rush. Woodchipper. Stampede. Woodchipper until Chipmunk is dead. Bring in Snail. Headbutt. Acidic Goo. Ooze Touch until Snail dies. Bring in second Chipmunk. Woodchipper until Foulclaw dies.

6. Magical Mayhem

Mini Mindslayer (1, 2, 2)
Minfernal (x, x, 2)
Sapphire Cub (2, x, x)

Inner Vision. Eyeblast. Life Exchange. Pass until Mindslayer dies. Bring in Minfernal. Explode. Pounce. Pounce.

7. Elemental Escalation

Core Hound Pup (2, 1, 2)
Tiny Bog Beast (x, x, 2)
Stout Alemental (x, x, 1)

Burrow. Howl. Switch to Tiny. Rampage. Switch back to Pup. Thrash. Howl. Burrow. Thrash. Dive.

8. Beast Blitz

Zandalari Footslasher (2, 2, 2)
Tito (1, 2, x)
Zandalari Anklerender (2, x, 2)

Exposed Wounds. Hunting Party. Primal Cry. Bring in Tito. Howl. Bite.

9. Aquatic Assault

Zangar Crawler (1, 2, 2)
Gulp Froglet (x, 2, 2)
Young Mutant Warturtle (x, 2, 2)

Rip. Blood in the Water. Switch to Warturtle. Smoke Bomb. Switch back to Crawler. Bring in Froglet. Toxic Skin. Corpse Explosion. Tornado Punch. Pass. Smoke Bomb. Pass.

10. Mechanical Melee

Fluxfire Feline (2, 2, 1)
Darkmoon Zeppelin (x, 2, x)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (x, x, 1)

Overtune. Prowl. Pounce. Switch to Zeppelin. Explode. Switch to Dragonling. Explode.

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