The Gates of Hell Guide for Restoration Druids

As always, keep in mind this is not a comprehensive guide.  It contains information pertinent to healers.  I have linked complete boss guides below.

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page


1. Goroth

goroth boss wow

Goroth is an easy introductory fight for this raid.  He has easy mechanics and not too much damage to heal.  In fast, you may get bored.  I recommend running GerminationCultivation, and Flourish for this guy.  For your Level 90 talents, I don’t think it really matters that much which one you take.  Not much damage goes out for you to benefit from the reduced Tranquility cooldown from Inner Peace, and people don’t stay very stacked most of the time for you to benefit from Spring Blossoms.  So take your pick and roll with it.  Displacer Beast is good for running bad out of the raid.  Goroth will cast Infernal Spike, which targets players and causes a pillar to rise up from below, causing damage and a knockback.  You have a few seconds to get out of the way, so make sure you do.

Goroth will also cast Shattering Star, which points an arrow at one player and will send a big rock at them and cause damage and a knockback.  Position yourself behind a pillar (or two if doing Heroic) so you don’t take as much damage, but try not to destroy more than two pillars at a time because you’re going to need those.  He will next cast Infernal Burning, which is a mass AoE that may one-shot you if you are not standing behind one of the pillars.  Another ability of his is Crashing Comet, which creates a circle around you and causes AoE damage at your location.  Run it out of the group and away from pillars. I like to use Displacer Beast or Dash for this.  On Heroic mode, there will be green lava that spawns around the room.  You need to avoid it, because it hurts.


2. Harjatan

harjatan boss wow

This is another easy encounter.  Talent-wise, I recommend GerminationCultivationFlourish, and  Displacer Beast.  On Normal mode, I recommend taking Spring Blossoms because the raid will be stacked most of the time.  On Heroic mode, I recommend taking Inner Peace.  The raid will still be stacked, but it will have spike phases with much more damage to heal than normal so that cooldown reduction on Tranquility will definitely come in handy.  Your raid leader will want to do this one of two ways: he (or she!) may want to have the tank stack separately from the group and the group will be behind the boss.  Or he may want the entire raid stacked together.  It depends on the leader’s preference.  The reasoning is that the boss does a huge cleave called Unchecked Rage that makes it necessary for everyone to be stacked to split the damage.  If the raid leader chooses the former strategy, the tank will just turn the boss when it is time for Unchecked Rage so he is facing the group, then face him back after.  Either way works.

Periodically Harjatan will cast Commanding Roar, which summons waves of murlocs.  One is called the Razorjaw Gladiator, which needs to be immediately DPSed down, and another called the Razorjaw Wavemender, which need to be interrupted.  The Gladiators will fixate on a player.  Just stand in your group so they can be killed quickly.  Players will get Aqueous Burst periodically, which will cast a blue circle around you.  Get it out of the raid because it will drop a puddle that will give you stacks of Drenched, which will cause you to take extra Frost damage and a stacking DoT.  This is an excellent time to use Displacer Beast to quickly run the circle out of the raid before the puddle drops.

Harjatan will cast Draw In, where he absorbs all the puddles and becomes stronger.  Try to avoid the puddles as they come toward the boss because they will add stacks of Drenched to you.  He will do AoE damage to the raid and randomly spawn swirlies which will drop more pools.  This is the phase that is hardest to heal and always requires a big healer cooldown on Heroic.  On Normal you will have some more wiggle room.


3. Mistress Sassz’ine

mistress Sassz'ine boss wow

Mistress is a bit harder than the previous bosses.  She requires a lot more coordination.  Talents I recommend are CultivationGerminationInner PeaceFlourish, and of course Displacer Beast.  The raid isn’t going to be very stacked so use your best judgement on your Efflorescence placement.  Mistress What-the-Fuck will periodically cast From the Abyss, which summons three eel things.  You don’t need to worry about those, but when they die they leave a green puddle.  Do NOT stand in it.

When she casts Slicing Tornado, hide behind the green puddles because the tornadoes that pass over it will disappear and not do damage.  Alternatively, you can Displacer Beast through the tornadoes.  She will also cast Hydra Shot, which makes a green beam toward a targeted player.  As many players as possible (at least 3) need to stand in it so the damage is spread or else the target, as well as anyone else in the beam, will die.

Mistress will also cast Consuming Hunger, which created a DoT on you which can only be consumed by standing in the Thundering Shock (aka jellyfish).  If you don’t have Consuming Hunger, do NOT stand in the jellyfish.  In the next phase, Mistress casts Crashing Wave, in which a white line of bubbles appears across the fight area.  Get out of the bubbles. Use Displacer Beast or Dash.  Pools of dark purple ink will appear on the floor.  Avoid them until she casts Devour Whole, then absorb a pool and run to the whale (because this is Pinocchio, bitches).  Once the whale has absorbed three pools, he will go away.  When you are running the debuff to the whale, only go as far as the FIRST circle.  Don’t go into the second circle or it’s an insta-kill.

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