Gnomeregan Pet Battle Challenge Guide

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These are simple strategies to defeat the pets for the Pet Battle Challenge: Gnomeregan quest.  You can pick up this quest once a week.  These strategies assume your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality. I do not recommend trying to level any pets this way. Best to use full level pets.

Almost every frontline pet and some of the backline in this dungeon are weak to Elemental attacks. The good old Immolate + Conflagrate strategy works like a charm in here, as does the Frost Nova + Ice Lance strategy. Make sure you have plenty of Elementals to get through this. If you’re short on Elemental damage, you could fill in your backline with other families. There are some Beast and Flying type pets with good Elemental moves, plus the enemy backline will sometimes be weak to Beast attacks. Mix and match to find a good combination for you.

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Stage 1: Prototype Annoy-o-Tron

Pandaren Fire Spirit (1, 1, 2)
Phoenix Hatchling (1, 1, 2)
Harbinger of Flame (2, 2, 2)

Keep Immolate up, Conflagrate on cooldown, fill with Burn. Once you get to your Phoenix, use Cauterize on cooldown. Use Harbinger if you need to clean it up.
Stage 2: Out of Control Elementals

Living Sludge – A Bound Stream will take out the main pet here. Use Pump twice, then Dive. Pick a couple backline pets with good elemental damage to clean up the enemy backline. A couple Critters with good Elemental attacks, like a Lava Beetle and a Fire Beetle, are good for this.

Living Napalm – I used a Young Mutant Warturtle (1, 1, 1), Spirit of Summer (1, 1, 1), and a Dark Phoenix Hatchling (1, 2, 1). Shell Shield and use Pump four times to take care of the main pet. Immediately switch out to an elemental and Immolate, then Conflagrate, and Burn to fill.

Living Permafrost – Here I used Fishy (2, 2, 1), a Searing Scorchling (1, 1, 1), and a Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling (1, 2, 2). Surge three times. Whirlpool. Surge again twice. This should take care of the Napalm. Bring in Scorchling and Immolate. You may need to Immolate again when the next pet comes out. Once the pet is Burning, Conflagrate. Fill with Burn. For the second backline pet, either keep using Burn on it, or switch to the Hatchling if Beast attacks do more damage. Spam Claw.

Stage 3: Door Control Console’s Defenses

Syd the Squid (1, 1, 1)
Silithid Hatchling (1, 1, 1)
Ruby Droplet (1, 2, 1)

Bubble. Whirlpool. Switch to Hatchling. Swarm. Hiss. Bring in Droplet. Bubble. Acid Touch. Plagued Blood. This should finish off the second pet. When the third pet comes out, Acid Touch and Plagued Blood again. Spam Acid Touch until Droplet dies. Bring Syd back in and Water Jet to finish up.

Stage 4: Get to the end of the hallway.

Stage 5: Resilient Critters

Cockroach – I’m using a Mudback Calf (1, 2, 2), an Arctic Hare (2, 2, 1), and a Corefire Imp (1, 1, 1). Stoneskin and keep it up. Headbutt. Spam Bite. Depending on what the backline pets are, burn them down with whatever damage works best with them.

Leper Rat – I’m using a Black Lamb (2, 1, 2), Crispin (1, 2, 2), and an Albino River Calf (1, 2, 2) Chew. Stampede. This should take care of the main pet. For the backline, use whatever works best. In my case, I got two Mechanical backline pets so I finished them off with Crispin. I used Crouch, maintain Flamethrower, and spam Burn.

Stage 6: Bloated Leper Rat

Mulgore Hatchling (x, x, 1)
Darkmoon Hatchling (2, x, x)
Pint-Sized Pachyderm (2, 2, x)

Shell Shield. Spam Trample. When your pet dies, bring in the next one and keep Trampling. Same when your second pet dies. When the rat dies and activates its bonus Undead round, use Survival.

Stage 7: Gnomeregan Defense Force, Activate!

Straight Elemental damage will take care of these. I’m mostly changing them out as they die. The second two slots are Frigid Frostling (1, 1, 1) and Hatespark the Tiny (2, 1, 1), and I’m switching out the starter pet between fights.

Mechanostrider – Starting with Magma Rageling (1, 2, 1). Volcano. Fire Shield. Flamethrower. Spam Flamethrower to kill the pet. Clean up the backline. Even with all Elemental damage it’s easy to do if they’re strong against Elemental.

Tiger – Starting with Fel Flame (1, 1, 1). Immolate, Conflagrate, and fill with Burn. Clean up the backline.

Wolf – Starting with Ominous Flame (1, 2, 1). Scorched Earth. Conflagrate. Spam Burn. Keep doing this to deal with the backline. Bring in another pet to clean up if needed.

Stage 8: Pulverizer Bot Mk 6001

Orphaned Felbat (2, 2, 2)
Enchanted Torch (1, 1, 1)
Son of Skum (2, x, 2)

Black Claw. The Torch will get switched in. Heat up. Immolation. Burn until he dies and comes back. Immolation again. When the Torch dies, bring Felbat back in. Black Claw. Fel Immolate. Drain Blood if you can. When Skum comes out, Lightning Shield, then Stampede.

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