Halloween Marathon Picks

Halloween is a great say to be a homebody and stay home watching movies.  You know, if you’re not trick or treating or going to a party or working (like I will be doing *grumblegrumble*).  Here are my picks for the best Halloween marathon EVAR.  Grab the popcorn and a beverage of choice.

1. Hocus Pocus

hocus pocus halloween marathon

Ah, the quintessential Halloween classic.  This movie was a big park of my childhood.  Like what girl didn’t have a big crush on Thackary Binks?  It’s spooky without being scary, because I cannot handle scary movies.  It’s like watching it the first time, every time.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas halloween marathon

Also one of my favorites.  I love this movie.  Singing along to the words is a great way to get into the spirit.

3. Corpse Bride

corpse bride halloween marathon

Another great spooky Tim Burton masterpiece.  This guy has a knack for great Halloween movies, right?   It’s got a few good jump scares and nice songs.

4. Boo To You Too!  Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh halloween marathon

Okay, guys.  I’m like five years old.  I still love this movie.  It’s a great Halloween special.  It gives you the feels.

5. The Harry Potter series

harry potter halloween marathon

This series is a bastion of Halloween goodness.  It has a great magical atmosphere, a few good scares, some good laughs, and the hotness that is Draco Malfoy.  I was a big Draco fangirl back in the day.

6. The Halloweentown series

halloweentown halloween marathon

This was my favorite Disney movie as a kid.  I used to dream of being part of this movie’s scenario, finding out I was a witch and going to live in a town where everyone is as weird as me.

7. The Craft

the craft halloween marathon

Probably the scariest movie on my list.  I used to get nightmares about the snakes.

8. Coraline

coraline halloween marathon

A nice take on the kid horror genre, this movie is actually a bit creepy, for a kid movie.

9. Bonus TV Binge-watch – So Weird

so weird halloween marathon

I LOVED this show as a kid.  I was so disappointed when it was cancelled, but it was one of the best shows Disney channel ever produced.

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