Halls of Blood Guide for Restoration Druids

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Hello raiders!  This is Part 2 of my Hellfire Citadel Guide for Restoration Druids series.  Today we will be covering the Halls of Blood.

1. Hellfire High Council

hellfire high council wow

This is a pretty straightforward fight.  The only major mechanic you will need to worry about as a healer is the debuff that Dia gives you, called Mark of the Necromancer.  It does continual stacking damage.  Your group may have the healers only dispel when the debuff turns red, or it may tell you not to dispel at all.  It will really depend on how well your group does at mechanics and how much your fellow healers can heal through.

The group will be stacked for long period of time, so place your mushroom where it will heal the most people.  If you suffer from poor reaction time, it may be beneficial to take Displacer Beast so you can more easily run Reap to the far area of the room.  It would also be beneficial to hit Stampeding Roar just before Reap occurs to give your group an edge running it out of the group.  The glyph shouldn’t be necessary due to the small area the fight takes place in.  If there are multiple druids in the raid, you can organize a rotation for it.

In the mythic version of the fight, the healers might want to arrange a cooldown rotation for the mirror image phase when Jubei’thos uses Windwalk, which deals heavy damage to the raid on that difficulty.

2. Kilrogg Deadeye

kilrogg deadeye boss

Kilrogg is a bit of a pain in the butt for druid healers.  The melee group will be stacked on the boss the whole fight, so make sure your mushroom is always under them.  This is the only boss I can think of off the top of my head that I like to take Force of Nature on, and that is for death throes.  You can’t stand still during this ability, so I find that it’s helpful to drop trees to do some additional healing to complement my Rejuv spamming.

For the Heart Seeker, you may once again want to take displacer beast if you have trouble with your reaction time.  Otherwise, popping Dash or Stampeding roar will be enough to get you to the predetermined marker in time.  After someone is targeted by the heart seeker, they are given a damage over time debuff.  These people will need additional healing until the debuff falls off.

The vision phase is where this fight really kicks a druid’s ass.  Druids are not built for super high instant single target healing.  Our healing takes place over time.  The visions phase has very high spike damage that is almost impossible to heal without popping tranq.  If you are chosen to go into the vision, pop your tranq, spam regrowth, and pray to Illidan that you don’t fuck up.  And use Genesis a LOT.

3. Gorefiend

gorefiend wow

Gorefiend is a pretty easy fight when you have the mechanics down.  It’s a bit of a heal check.  DPS is less important on this fight.  Ranged will be standing a certain number of yards apart, so it’s best to put your mushroom under either the melee or the tank.  As always, I would take Displacer beast if you have poor reaction time, otherwise using Dash or stampeding roar is fine when you get targeted by Touch of doom.  Run to the edge of the room or whatever marker your raid lead has designated.  Make sure you don’t run right off the edge, because you WILL die.  I know this because I did it once.

If you are targeted by Shadow of death, and also the first time you die, you will be transported into Gorefiend’s stomach.  Heal up the friendly Draenei spirit NPCs as much as you can.  What I usually do is get two stacks of Rejuv, Lifebloom, and a Living Seed on them and move onto the next one.  If you use VuhDo, make sure you turn on target frames in the ‘Panels’ section.  It makes it a lot easier to heal up the spirits.

Feast of Souls is the real healing check of this fight, so it is strongly recommended that the healers have a cooldown rotation for this, as it lasts an absurdly long time.

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