Halls of Containment Guide for Restoration Druids

We’re back for some more Restoration Druid Boss Guides! If you’ve read my other guides, you know the drill.  I don’t go totally in-depth. I speak only from a restoration druid’s perspective, therefore DPS-only mechanics or anything that doesn’t pertain to what I’m doing is not mentioned.  If you want a more in-depth guide, there are plenty out there. This is only from personal experience.  It also does not apply to Mythic difficulty.

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Taloc
taloc world of warcraft wow raid boss strategy guide battle for azeroth uldir

Phase 1: If he targets you with Plasma Discharge, run away from your group and try to drop in in other red pools. You need to manage your space, because you do not want to fill up the whole fight area with red gunk or you will lose and I will laugh. Your raid leader will likely designate a spot to drop the pools. Dodge waves from Sanguine Static. Cudgel of Gore will target a tank, who will go to a blood pool and clear the blood within 18 yards. It does raidwide damage based on distance to the tank, so do NOT be near the tank. You may want to create a cooldown rotation for this. Taloc will then use Retrieve Cudgel, and anyone between him and his cudgel will get knocked back. Do not be between him and his cudgel.

Phase 2: Surprise, the whole room is an elevator! Keep in mind you CAN die if you fall off. During this phase, Taloc takes 99% less damage. Uldir Defensive Beams will crisscross across the platform and it DOES hurt if you get hit. Point your camera upwards at an angle so you can see where they are, because they’re UNDER the platform and you descend onto them. Adds will spawn during this phase that the tanks will pick up. It’s easier to be stacked up for this, and your raid leader may designate a stacking point.

Phase 3: Your elevator touches down on the ground and Taloc wakes up from his little nap. This is like a combination of the first two phases, with the adds in addition to the mechanics of the first phase. Adds may fixate on you and if they touch you will do a small amount of damage and a knockback. Someone will likely be designated to soak them for you, otherwise you can pop a defensive cooldown and deal with it yourself.

If your group is stacked up, make sure you’re placing Efflorencence under the group. When you cast Tranquility, make SURE you’re far enough away from the tanks that you won’t get knocked back by Cudgel of Gore. Tiger Dash will be useful for kiting adds away from the group.

MOTHER world of warcraft wow raid boss strategy guide battle for azeroth uldir

Room 1: This fight is divided into three rooms. Through the fight, you will transition from the first room to the third. Through each phase, a bar will fill with energy, and when it is full, the room will enter into a Cleansing Purge. That’s when you’ll need to be in the next room. The catch is that if too many people go through the door at once, it does raidwide damage, so communication is a must. Do NOT be standing in front of the boss unless you are a tank (which you probably aren’t, since this is aimed at healers). Purifying Flame will spawn red swirlies under players, and you need to move out of the way before they go off. Wind Tunnel will push players toward one end of the room, which is on FIRE. So do not get pushed to the edge of the room. We have an advantage due to most of our heals being instant casts AND our exceptional mobility (like Tiger Dash). It shouldn’t be any trouble. Every time someone enters the next room, an add will spawn in it. That room’s tank will pick it up and the room’s DPS will nuke it down. Keep in mind there will still be a group on the previous room fighting MOTHER. The doors do break line of sight. Healers will also slowly be sent through to support the second group. As the Cleansing Purge countdown ticks down, the whole group will once again converge in the same room.

Room 2: Once MOTHER walks into the second room, it triggers Uldir Defensive Beam. This is a grid of light beams that will start on one end of the room and move to the opposite side, doing damage to anyone in its path. There will be a gap in it for players to safely run through so look for it and don’t tunnel so hard you forget to mechanics. In Heroic difficulty, there will also be beams coming from the TOP, so have fun with that.

Room 3: MOTHER will take extra damage, so this is a good place to Bloodlust and hit all your cooldowns so burn her down.

This is a fight with a limited amount of space, so finding a group of people to stick Efflorescence under shouldn’t be hard. If in doubt, place it under the melee. Tiger Dash will also be useful in this fight. The damage pattern of the fight is great for using the Inner Peace talent, since you’ll be hopping room roughly every two minutes or so. Make sure to HoT up players about to pass through the doors since you won’t be able to heal them anymore after they do. I strongly suggest coordinating cooldowns and deciding which heals will go through first strategically. You want to make sure each side has enough healing, and enough cooldowns should they need it.

3. Zek’voz
zek'voz world of warcraft wow raid boss strategy guide battle for azeroth uldir

Do NOT be standing in front of the boss unless you are tanking, as it does a frontal cone attack. When he reaches 100 Energy, Zek’voz will use Surging Darkness. This places rings of darkness around the room. Make sure you are NOT standing in a shadow ring. Just move out of it when it starts, then back up a little bit to avoid the next one.

Phase 1: When he casts Eye Beam on you, move away from other players or it will cause an AoE chain void effect. He will summon adds called Silithid Warriors. If one is chasing you, bring it over near the boss so it can be cleaved down. Your raid leader may designate a spot to take them.

Phase 2: The boss summons a new type of add called a Nerubian Voidweaver. They cast Void Bolt, which should be interrupted if you can. You can use Mighty Bash, and Typhoon will interrupt them for just a second or two. If you get Roiling Deceit cast on you, quickly run far away from your group members so the cloud that spawn will not be near anyone. Once again, your raid leader may designate a place for you to drop it. They stay up for the whole fight, and they spawn adds if anyone touches them.

Phase 3: Orb of Corruption will spawn in the air, and a player will need to stand under it to catch it before it hits the ground. Whoever catches it will gain 100% health, damage done and healing done, but at the end of the buff they get mind controlled. People who are mind controlled cast Psionic Blast, which should be interrupted. In Normal, the mind control can be broken with damage, so be sure to stun, crowd control, and beat the pants out of your friends. In Heroic, the mind control lasts until the victim dies and does an 8-yard AoE damage effect when they die.

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