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Though it’s a little late to the party, I thought someone might benefit from the little tricks I’ve learned healing Hellfire Citadel.  These are geared for heroic, but would probably work for other difficulties too.  As always, before attempting a new boss, you should read or watch a thorough guide so you aren’t a burden to your team.  I also recommend VuhDo and DBM because that is what I use.  You can also read my post A Raiding Primer, and my Restoration Druid Guide series.

1. Hellfire Assault

Hellfire Assault boss guide restoration druid hellfire citadel resto
Talents and glyphs aren’t going to matter too much on this fight.  Your group will likely place markers for a group on the left and the right.  Whichever group you are in, place your mushroom  under where it will heal the most people.  Depending on the difficulty, you may be asked to handle running the ammo crates to the cannons.  If your reaction time needs a little work, you can talent into Displacer Beast to give yourself an edge.  But under normal circumstances, Feline Swiftness coupled with cat form and either Dash or Stampeding roar should be just fine.

There are no big raidwide damage abilities you will need to coordinate cooldowns on, but sometimes the Felcasters can get out of control and you may need to pop a tranquility.  Dispel Conducted Shock Pulse as soon as you see it.

2. Iron Reaver

Iron Reaver boss guide restoration druid resto hellfire citadel
Iron Reaver is much like Hellfire Assault.  It’s kind of Hellfire Assault Pt. 2.  There is a lot of stuff to avoid.  Make sure your mushroom is under the largest group of people, but when the fight gets going people will be moving a LOT.  Make sure you stand near melee.  This is not a fight where you need to distance yourself from the boss.  That will just make it much harder to avoid Barrage.  As with the previous fight, if you have poor reaction time, displacer beast is your friend.  Your group may want to set up a cooldown rotation for Pounding.

If you get Artillery, run well away from the rest of the group and HoT (Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, and Living Seed and Wild Growth if possible) yourself up, and apply Barkskin to yourself.  When the tank has Artillery, make sure you have HoTs rolling on him and cast Ironbark on him.  When you are not targeted by Artillery, make sure you’re staying in range of as many players as possible because people tend to scatter and it can be hard to heal people.  If possible, it’s even better to mark the healers and tell people to stay near them.

3. Kormrok

Kormrok boss guide restoration druid hellfire citadel resto
Movement on Kormrok isn’t very difficult, so your movement talent is really up to you.  When the explosive / empowered start to come up, it’s a nice little boost to your raid to cast stampeding roar.  You can also use glyph of stampeding roar to increase its range.  Your group will likely be stacking on the boss’s butt for most of the raid, so place your mushroom under the group.  Healers may want to arrange a cooldown rotation for Pound.  Make sure you’re spaced away from other people and pop a Tranquility.

There will be spiking damage from the runes and the grasping / dragging hands, so make sure to HoT people up and spot heal with Healing Touch or Regrowth as needed.  If someone gets dragged into a pool, you can try to keep them healed up but it’s unlikely they will survive.

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