Heroes Never Die… For A Price

Or, My Favorite Mercy Skin in Overwatch

One of the best things about Overwatch is its many skins.  The basic character skins are fantastic, but the additional skins plus the customization of sprays, emotes, and voice lines make it possible to craft a character unique to you.  I myself tend to gravitate toward pink and purple skins.  I love Bastion’s pink skin and Sombra’s base skin.  However, I DO have a favorite skin in the entire game.
overwatch mercy skin imp favorite
Mercy’s Imp skin!  I absolutely love it. I love it so much I made it my screens for my stream.  Purple and white is one of my favorite color combinations.  The way it subtly changes her resurrection line makes me giggle.  Like, that is SO me.  Heroes Never Die… For A Price.  I would totally charge for my services if I was her. Everyone’s always all like “Someone switch to Mercy!” so she would definitely be in demand.

I love the intricate detailing on the costume.  Her boots are changed into an almost cloven hoof design reminiscent of a satyr or even the Devil.  I love the addition of the tail and the horns, and the purple hair and lipstick.  She also has those black triangles over her eyes.  All of it combined create an awesome, almost sadistic image that I like.  It’s like she’s saying “I’ll heal you… but I’ll also fuck you up and steal your soul.”

This is always my skin when I play Mercy.  Do you have any skin you ALWAYS use?

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