Hope’s End Guide for Restoration Druids

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Portal Keeper Hasabel
antorus boss fight guide restoration druid portal keeper hasabel
This fight takes place on one main platform, then portals appear at certain intervals which will take you up to three other platforms.  It’s still an easy fight as long as everyone goes where they’re supposed to.  You will either be asked to go into the portals and heal the portal group, or asked to stay on the main platform and heal that group. On the main platform, there are two abilities to watch out for. One is Collapsing World, which summons a dark purple circle on the ground you must get out of. The other ability is Felstorm Barrage, where a large green portal appears beside the platform and creates a large green line on the ground.  Avoid that.

At 90%, Hasabel summons a portal to a flame ledge, where you defeat Vulcanar.  Stay at least 10 yards away from the miniboss.  Move away from the when you have Everburning Flames.  Avoid Supernova.  At 60% health she opens a portal to another area where you fight Lady Dacidion.  Avoid Slime Pools pools.  At 30% health she summons her final portal and you fight Lord Eilgar.  He applies a debuff called Delusions to healers, which can be dispelled, but keep it for a little bit to restore your mana.  It’s a fairly easy fight.  Be careful as you come out of portals that you don’t land right in a Felstorm Barrage.

Place your Efflorescence after each Collapsing World, when the tank has the boss situated.  While the portals are active, they do increasing damage over time, so you may need to coordinate cooldowns with other healers.  For talents, I recommend the standard Cenarion Ward, Displacer Beast (once again great for cheesing mechanics quickly), Cultivation, Inner Peace, and Flourish.  If you find that the damage for your group is pretty stable, you  could switch out Inner Peace for something else.  I personally like having more Tranquility uptime in case I need it.

2. Eonar the Life-Binder
antorus boss fight guide restoration druid eonar the life-binder
This is hardly a fight at all. It’s really more of a loot pinata.  Basically Eonar is being attacked and we need to drive the demons away.  Demons will spawn around the area at regular intervals.  You will use your extra button to fly around and heal your group as you fight demons, keeping them away from Eonar.  If Eonar’s health goes all the way down, you lose the fight.  There’s an upper area, a middle area, and a bottom area.  You can use crowd control abilities like Typhoon to keep the demons away, and really all you need to do most of the time is throw a quick HoT on someone to keep them topped up.  You’re probably more useful Moonfiring most of the time.

You’re given an extra action button that will help you quickly navigate between the platforms.  If you are unsure where to go (which you will learn quickly), just follow a tank.  You may actually benefit from taking Germination on this fight, because you will mostly be moving from platform to platform and the extra HoTs will be useful.  It’s also unlikely you will need to Tranq during this fight.

3. Imonar the Soulhunter
antorus boss fight guide restoration druid imonar the soul hunter
Imonar is pretty easy… until you have to go across the bridge.  Then you’ll probably die.  And everyone else will probably die.  Then you’ll come back to do the fight over and then die again.  Yeah this is really that annoying.  This fight happens in three stages.  You’ll start on the main platform just staying still and fighting Imonar.  Keep away from the tank due to a stacking damage ability which spreads called Electrify.  If someone near you is hit with Sleep Canister, move at least 10 yards away from them.  Once they are at least 10 yards away from all players, you can safely dispel them.  Avoid the Pulse Grenades on the ground.

Once this phase is up, you hit intermission phase, which is the real bitch of this fight.  Imonar drops a bunch of different traps on the ground as he crosses the bridge, and you can bet your purty ass that your raid group will probably trip EVERY SINGLE ONE.  What I like to do is go last across the bridge, pre-HoT as many people as I can, and Tranq as I go across to heal all the stupids back to full.  On Heroic, the edges of the bridge are affected by Seared Skin, so keep away from those.  While on the second platform, you will be targeted by Charged Blast.  Move away from other players so they don’t take damage from it.  Avoid mines on the ground.

Do NOT try to peel away to the first platform early, because you will take damage from Infernal Rockets if you stray off the second platform.  At 33%, you hit the bridge phase again, and end up back on the first platform.  He has pretty much the same abilities as the first phase, except now they are empowered.  That means be even more careful, and it will get increasingly hard to heal the tanks as they take stacking damage that doesn’t drop.

I definitely recommend Inner Peace for this, because you will want that oh shit button up as much as possible.  Also I would take Cenarion Ward, Displacer Beast (cheese those traps!), Cultivation, and Flourish.  It’s a safe bet to either place your Efflorescence under the melee or the ranged group.

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