Housekeeping and Updates

Hello, it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it?  I have been very busy with school and haven’t had a super amount of time to play video games or write or really do anything but school stuff.  I do have some posts floating around though.  I will be writing a review for the anime Log Horizon so be looking for that.

You may a have noticed a few small changes on the blog.  I’ve tried to add a few jangles and dongles to make it a bit prettier and more user-friendly.  I added a favicon that’s like a little version of the Sprite Darter in my profile icon.  Images on the blog will now have a Pinterest Pin-It button pop up when you mouse over them.  I just installed Intense Debate as my new comment system.  To make navigation a little easier, I redid my tags so finding a post on a specific topic should be easy now.

Unfortunately, when I redid my tags a few of my posts somehow re-posted themselves as new, so… yeah.  It is what it is.  Not gonna stress over it.  Watch for new posts coming down the pipeline and if you have any suggestions with anything else I can do for my layout, I welcome it.

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