How I Make My Gold

I’m not a goldmaking expert by any means, but I do fairly well for myself. I typically make 60k+ a week, and I do it with little time invested. Here’s how I do it.

The way I make my gold hinges on having a lot of alts. Like an army of them.  I have 4 level 100 characters, and 5 or 6 more from 90 to 99.  They all have functional professions and as many garrison building as their level allows.  The profession breakdown is as follows.

Leatherworkers: 4
Alchemists: 1
Enchanters: 6
Tailors: 1
Blacksmiths: 3
Inscription: 4
Engineers: 1

Notice I don’t have any gathering professions.  I find that I don’t need any because my 100 toons have fully functional level 3 Mines and Herb Gardens so I get all the ore and herbs I need to support my professions and then some.

world of warcraft auction house goldmaking

I do my profession cooldowns every day and make sure I have followers in  the buildings first thing I log in when I do the work orders so I get double.  I send all the sorcerous elements to my bank toon to sell.  When I have some materials accumulated, I look up what for each armor type is selling for the highest price and make those items on my alts, send them to my bank toon, and sell them for a little less gold than they’re currently going for. When my scribes accumulate like 100 or so paints I make a bunch of cards and sell those as well.

world of warcraft auction house tradeskillmaster gold

I use TradeSkillMaster for my Auction House interface.  I like that it’s way more streamlined and has easy search features.  Plus if multiples of an item are available, it bunches them together and shows the lowest priced item and you can double click it to see all prices for that item.  I don’t do anything fancy with it.  I know some people day really wacky things with TSM but I mainly just use for easy pricing and condensing. There are some really great guides out there if you want to go really in depth with the addon.

So that’s basically all I do.  No wacky AH-fu and no enormous time sinking.  I could make more if I really tried but I feel like what I do now is a good mix between time input and gold output.  Happy goldmaking!

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