How to Import New WeakAuras

Since I’ve been on a roll with auras lately, I thought I’d write a little diddy about HOW to use all this random code I’ve been posting.  Here is a quick tutorial about how to easily import my auras into your addon and use them.

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1. Make sure you have the WeakAuras Options addon turned on.

world of warcraft addons panel restoration druid auras

2. Find the aura string you want.  Right click inside the box and click “Select All”.

world of warcraft aura copy restoration resto druid weakaura

3. Right click again and select “Copy”.  You can also use Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy.


4. Type /wa into World of Warcraft.  Click the Import button on the bottom of the menu.

weakauras import menu restoration resto druid world of warcraft

5. Use Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste the string into the WeakAuras text box.  Click “Done”, and you should be good to go!  I hope that helps!

world of warcraft weakauras import string how to restoration resto

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