How to Navigate Tanaan Jungle Without Losing Your Mind

Blaugust Day 13

Blaugust 2015

 Tanaan is a big place.  It’s the Timeless Isle on a grand scale.  There are a butt ton of nooks and crannies, treasures, hidden pets, and the whole nine yards.  The terrain is a bitch to get through and it’s filled with enemies.  Here are some addons I use to navigate the Jungle.

1. Daily Global CheckPet Tamers

pet tamers world of warcraft daily

This addon will mark the locations of all the legendary pets in Tanaan that you can battle,  This makes it easy to devise a direct route from pet to pet to maximize your travel time.

2. Tanaan Objectives

world of warcraft tanaan objectives addon

This addon adds icons on your map marking the bonus objectives on the map that you can do for extra Apexis Crystals.  It also marks the locations of the 4 rare spawns needed for the achievement on the map with skulls, plus a larger skull for the location of Kazzak.

3. HandyNotesDraenor Treasures

world of warcraft handynotes draenor treasures

This addon adds icons to your map marking the locations of all the treasures in the jungle, including resources and Apexis treasures.  But pro tip, don’t loot all of them at once.  They can only be looted one, and they do drop the Fel-Corrupted Apexis crystals so once you loot it, it’s gone.  The addon also adds icons to your map marking the locations of all the rares.  They can be removed if you wish to declutter your map a bit.

4. PetTracker

world of warcraft pettracker draenor tanaan

This addon is the crown jewel for pet collectors.  It will mark icons on the map for all pets you’re either missing, are under level 25, ore less than rare quality.  There is option to filter missing pets or remove the icons entirely.

5. Factionizer

world of warcraft factionizer addon

This addon adds additional functionality to your reputations window.  If you click on a reputation, it will tell you how much more you need to the next stage and every way to bring it up.  It will list any quest you can do or mob you can kill, in addition to how much reputation each item gives.

With these addons it is way easier to navigate the Jungle without completely using your mind.  Happy smoother travels!

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