Illidari Masters 2-Pet Strategies

Here is a guide to take you through the Illidari Masters trainers with two pets to carry a third for leveling!

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1. Sissix
sissix strategy guide 2 pet wow world of warcraft
Carry pet with >1000 health
Emperor Crab (2,2,1)
A rabbit/hare with high attack stat with Dodge, Burrow, and Scratch. I’m using a hare with 257 attack.

Round 1: Any move with your carry pet
Round 2: Switch to the crab
Round 3: Shell Shield
Round 4: Surge
Round 5: Healing Wave

From here we will follow a priority system.  Use Shell Shield with 1 round left so it is always up.  Healing Wave on cooldown (unless you need to use Shell Shield), and fill with Surge.  It’s a little slow because the other pet is also healing, but we’ll whittle him down with Surge.  When the enemy first pet dies, stop Shell Shielding because it won’t do you much good, and just spam Surge and Healing Wave on cooldown.  When the crab dies, bring out your rabbit and finish off the hydra with a Scratch (make sure it will do enough damage to finish him off).  Dodge.  Scratch.  Burrow.  Scratch.  Dodge.  Scratch.  Once the enemy pet comes back to life, hit Burrow or Dodge to avoid any damage, and you win.

2. Madam Viciosa
madam viciosa strategy guide 2 pet wow world of warcraft
Leveling pet (at least 700 health because of cleave)
Unborn Val’kyr (1,2,1)
Any pet with Dragonkin damage and good moves to stall like Lift-Off type moves will work. Avoid Mechanicals and Dragonkin, though because of extra damage against them.  You could use a Dragon Kite. Jadefire Spirit, or Scourged Whelpling.  Look for something with high speed too.

Do any move, since your pet will just get switched out by Nether Gate anyway.  Curse of DoomHaunt.  Kill some time until Curse of Doom goes off with a move like Lift-Off, Decoy, a heal, etc.  Spam Dragonkin damage until the enemy third pet comes out.  Get Seduction down as low as possible before you die.  Finish her off with your Unborn Val’kyr.

3. Nameless Mystic
nameless mystic strategy guide 2 pet wow world of warcraft
Leveling pet
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1,2,2)
Syd the Squid (1,1,2) (anything with good water damage and Cleansing Rain works here)

Round 1: Any move
Round 2: Switch to Dragonling
Round 3: Decoy
Round 4: Breath

What you should do is just keep hitting Breath, and Decoy when it comes up, all the way through as much of the enemy team as you can.  When the enemy third pet comes in, hit Thunderbolt, then Breath twice.  Bring in Syd and Bubble.  Use Water Jet and then Cleansing Rain to counter Scorched Earth.  Mash Water Jet.

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