#IntPiPoMo 2015

#IntPiPoMo 2015

After restarting my blog, I’ve been on the lookout for community events to participate in.  I’ve done Blaugust, and now #IntPiPoMo is here!  It is posting 50 screenshots in the month.  This is my first batch post.

So today I was very bored and decided to farm a couple dungeons for the first time in months.  Imagine my surprise when the mounts from BOTH Karazhan and Eye of Eternity dropped for me.  Yep.  The Fiery Warhorse and the Blue Drake are both mine.  Within the span of an hour.

karazhan fiery warhorse world of warcraft garrison


eye of eternity blue drake drop mount world of warcraft


wolrd of warcraft druid flight bug
Here is an example of the druid flight bug.  I’m Peter Pan, motherfucker.
world of warcraft pet battle garrison
We have a violence against animals situation over here. Someone call PETA.


world of warcraft pandaren garrison
Yulona needs some attention.  She thinks she’s a badass.

Picture Count: 5/50


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