Just Making Things a Bit Prettier…

So you may notice some changes up in here! I did some things to try to make the blog a bit prettier and easier to read.

I changed up the layout. I added a third column and a nice background image.

I went back to a few of my older posts and updated them, including adding copyable text boxes to my UI-related posts to make it easier to copy strings of code! You can go check them out by clicking the Restoration Druid Guide tab up on top of the post.

Another great thing I added was a couple of Related Posts tools, one on the right column and another that pops up.

Lastly, I added tools for following and sharing on social media. I feel like my blog now is much more cohesive and sleek. Posts flow into one another, and in some of them that are still relevant I added links which may also be helpful for that particular topic, such as the boss guides and Restoration Druid Guide posts. Everyone who is into content creation know it’s important to make sure that people STAY on your site and go from page to page, and that is by creating webs of links to keep people engaged. I’m just hoping I did it right. Either way, I’m super happy with the changes I made and more are certainly to come.

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