My Least Favorite World of Warcraft Races

In honor of the release of some new allied races, I recently just did a post on my two favorite World of Warcraft races.  But what about the ones I don’t like? I think we all have a race or two we just REFUSE to play.  We see them in the world and think ‘eew, I would never make one of those’.  Or maybe our favorite class only is available to a couple races, but one of them is terrible so we always choose the other (I’m looking at you, Tauren druids!)

Race 1: Humans

Humans are just so mundane.  I’m already a human in real life, why would I want to play one in a game?  I’d rather be something I can never be in real life.

warcraft races human female silly dumb least favorite

Race 2: Dwarf

Dwarves are just weird.  They have those weird faces, and armor looks weird on them.  I can’t explain it, I just have a distaste for dwarves.

warcraft races dwarf female silly weird least favorite

Race 3: Cows

I mean Tauren.  I mean cows.  They’re COWS, guys.  Why would I wanna play a god damn cow?  They MOO.  I mean I like how they’re sort of an homage to Native Americans (I’m part Cherokee myself), and I’m into the whole respect for the earth thing.  But cows.

warcraft races tauren female silly dumb cow weird least favorite

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