My Least Favorite Zones in World of Warcraft

Or, Why Bugs Suck

We all have those zones that we avoid like the plague.  I certainly have them.  Those zones I will not step foot into no matter the reason.  Something these zones have in common is…


I really, really don’t like bugs.  So the best way to make me hate a zone is by filling it with bugs.  Unfortunately, there are quite a few zones just chock full of them.  Here are a few.

Hated Zone the First: Dread Wastes

warcraft zone dread wastes world of least favorite bugs

The Dread Wastes is actually the least oppressive zone on my list.  Though it does have that pesky bug problem, it’s not actually that bad visually.  Sure it could use some sunlight and a sky that doesn’t look like it’s about to collapse on you, but it’s not that bad in most parts.  Except for the bugs.

Hated Zone the Second: Eastern Plaguelands

warcraft zone eastern plaguelands world of least favorite bugs

This has to be the most disgusting zone in World of Warcraft by a rather wide margin.  The air is yellow and it always looks gassy.  It has those disgusting giant mushrooms and the weird ground that looks like a prolapsed anus.  It’s like the mushrooms had a revolt and decided they wanted to poison the air to get rid of all the humans.  Clearly, they did a great job.

 Hated Zone the Third: Silithus

warcraft zone silithus world of least favorite bugs
God I hate Silithus.  Again we have the prolapsed anus ground, except here we get bug tunnels and giant fidgeting bug legs lodged in the ground.  Those things creep me out, man.  I always feel like a giant bug boss is gonna jump out of the ground and eat me.  They make me twitchy with their twitching.  I don’t know why but the designers just have this real unadulterated love for bugs.  I mean I don’t mind a tarantula or two but damn, all these nasty bugs.

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