Legion Druid Class Changes

The many gifts provided by nature must sometimes be reciprocated. Restoration druids seek order in the world by tending directly to its many life forms. Friend to flora and fauna alike, restoration druids celebrate birth and growth. Where there is decay, they bring rejuvenation. Where there is abatement, they summon regrowth. Life not only needs protection—it needs nourishment.

To foster this harmony, the restoration druid builds a bond with the things that grow, gaining inspiration from the flower’s bloom, the seed’s sprout, the mushroom’s spores, and the tree’s growth. Like nature, the restoration druid perseveres through patience and persistence, the foundation upon which all life is built and sustained. They use this power to mend wounds and provide persistent remedies that keep their allies from falling.

Finally, we get the changes we druids will be seeing in Legion.  Of course we were saved for (next to) last, because we are the best.  To see a full breakdown of changes, see the list of resources below.  I’m going to just be touching on stuff that jumps out at me.

Druids are getting an “affinity” talent row, allowing us abilities of other specs.  I don’t really see the point in this.  They’re taking abilities from specs that don’t really fit into that spec’s playstyle, and now you have to CHOOSE which ones you want back?  That’s some bullshit, to me.  Basically we have to choose between Feline Swiftness and Ysera’s Gift.  We just can’t have nice things.

Resto druids are getting a new Harmony.  It says “Your healing is increased by 10% for each of your Restoration heal over time effects on the target.”  I’m not sure I fully understand.  So, our healing is ONLY increased on that one target we have HoTs on?  I feel like maintaining all those HoTs will be a pain in the ass and a mana drain.  I feel like the Mastery we have now makes more sense, but we’ll have to see what it looks like on the beta.

In terms of abilities, they are taking Genesis out.  I’m happy for the change, since I personally never used it and it was basically a useless button.  However, I do acknowledge that it was very useful when I wasn’t geared and you needed an oh shit button during dungeons.

What is replacing it is Flourish.  This looks like it could be an interesting ability, though I don’t know a situation when I would want to use it.  It’s probably something I would just bake into a macro and let happen on its own.

There is also going to be a small change to Wild Mushroom.  It is being replace by Efflorescence.  It is basically the same spell without the mushroom animation.

Mana values are also being changed.  Instead of using a flat amount of mana, spells will cost a certain percentage of your mana.  I think that will make it easier for leveling healers.

Only Feral and Guardian druids get Stampeding Roar in Legion.  I can see the fantasy in that decision, but it still sucks because it was a great utility.  Remember the Garrosh fight?

Balance druids are finally getting the Eclipse mechanic removed.  I am super happy about this.  I’ll be honest: I am terrible at Balance.  Maybe it’s because of the mechanic, maybe it’s something else, but no matter how I gear up I’ve always been terrible at it.  I’m hoping the removal of this mechanic will maybe help me be a better DPS, because I can’t only heal all the time and I feel like a useless sack of fat and bones when I switch to DPS and do no damage at all.

I still have a concern about the Feral Artifact: the Fangs of Ashamane.  It does make the feral form look super badass, but what about ferals who have taken Claws of Shirvallah?  Will that talent be taken out?  If so, what was the point of it?  I actually really like it.

Overall I’m a bit skeptical about the change to restoration, even though there aren’t very many.  I’ll have to see how it plays before I pass judgement.  Who knows, they may be great changes.

Here are the pictures of the Druid Artifacts.  They look amazing.

world of warcraft legion scythe of elune concept art balance druid
Balance: Scythe of Elune
world of warcraft legion fangs of ashamane concept art feral druid
Feral: Fangs of Ashamane
world of warcraft legion claws of ursoc concept art guardian druid
Guardian: Claws of Ursoc



world of warcraft legion g'hanir mother tree concept art restoration druid
Restoration: G’Hanir, the Mother Tree

Other Resources

I recommend reading the posts here and here by Lissanna at Restokin.  Wowhead does a very good explanation of the druid changes here.  And here is the original post on the World of Warcraft website.


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Pictures from Wowhead.

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