Light’s Breach Guide for Restoration Druids

We’re back for some more Restoration Druid Boss Guides! If you’ve read my other guides, you know the drill.  I don’t go totally in-depth. I speak only from a restoration druid’s perspective, therefore DPS-only mechanics or anything that doesn’t pertain to what I’m doing is not mentioned.  If you want a more in-depth guide, there are plenty out there. This is only from personal experience.  It also does not apply to Mythic difficulty.

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1. Garothi Worldbreaker
antorus boss fight guide restoration druid garothi worldbreaker
This is a nice easy first boss/loot pinata.  There’s not much to worry about with him.  The boss will apply a Decimation debuff to players. Your raid leader will likely designate a spot for you to go to drop this debuff, as it must be away from other players.  Tanks get their own debuff called Fel Bombardment  that they have to be alone to drop, so make sure you aren’t dropping the Decimation debuff where the tanks are dropping theirs.  There will probably markers to at least tell you where not to go.

The boss will drop Annihilation circles that are bright green.  They must be soaked to prevent them from exploding.  In Heroic, you’ll want at least 2 players to soak each circle, though on normal, one person is just fine.  Druids are good with the debuffs in this fight because of our great movement abilities like Dash and Displacer Beast, so make sure you are taking the Displacer Beast talent.  Garothi will also do Eradication, which will insta-kill almost everyone.  You have to get as far away from the boss as you can, all the way to the back of the room.

On Heroic, green lines of Surging Fel will appear on the ground.  Avoid those.  The fight area is small so I recommend taking Guardian Affinity. Also I recommend taking Flourish, Cultivation, and Cenarion Ward.  If you are having difficulty with the higher damage phases, like keeping everyone alive after Eradication, you could take Inner Peace, but if you aren’t having that trouble you could take Spring Blossoms and put your Efflorescence under the melee group.  I recommend setting up a healer rotation to deal with the Eradications.

2. Felhounds of Sargeras
antorus boss fight guide restoration druid felhounds of sargeras
Puppies! Anyways, this fight is pretty easy too.  It’s basically a stack and spread fight with mechanics we’ve seen before in one form or another.  In this fight, you’re fighting two doggos. They share a health pool.  Your raid leader may say everyone on one dog, or ranged on one and melee on another. Always do what your raid leader says in that regard.  Each one has its own abilities. F’harg, the fire doggo, will cast Desolate Gaze on random players at 33 Energy.  Move away from your group members because it will cause a line of fire going from the boss to you, and everyone caught in it takes damage.  It’s easy to sidestep.

At 100 Energy, he will cast Enflame Corruption.  Spread apart at least 8 yards to avoid sharing damage.  On Heroic, at 66 Energy, he will cast Molten Touch on a random player.  They will need to be spot healed and you need to avoid the fire swirlies on the ground.  Shatug is the void doggo.  At 33 energy, he casts Consuming Sphere, which shoots out a slow-moving swirl of purple energy that will suck you closer to it and do damage to you.  It’s easy to avoid by popping one of out many movement abilities, like Displacer Beast or Dash.  At 100 Energy, he will apply Siphoned Corruption to players.  Stack with people who have this.

On Heroic, at 66 Energy, he casts Weight of Darkness.  Stack with at least 2 other people for this.  If you get it, it will immobilize you after a few seconds so pop Displacer Beast fast so you can get to other players quickly.  Both tanks will be taking stacking debuffs as the fight goes on, making it increasingly hard to heal them effectviely.  Make sure you and the tanks have mitigation cooldowns for when the damage gets very intensive. I recommend placing Efflorescence under wherever the raid leader wants the group to be, wherever that is.  I’ve seen different ways of doing it.

Talent -wise I recommend picking up Displacer Beast (ultimate cheese), Cenarion Ward, Flourish, and Cultivation.  I personally like taking Inner Peace to have an oh shit button ready to go, and some prefer to run Germination.  On Heroic difficulty, Molten Touch and Weight of Darkness will ALWAYS overlap the second time, so make sure one of the healers has a cooldown ready as soon as it goes off.  My group learned that the hard way when everyone was stacked with the purple circles and then the fire ones killed us all.

3. Antoran High Command
antorus boss fight guide restoration druid antoran high command
This boss is significantly trickier than the previous ones, because it’s basically three bosses in one. It’s kind of like Sisters of the Moon from Tomb of Sargeras.  The nice thing is that, as a healer, there’s very few mechanics you need to watch out for.  One boss will cast Fusillade.  Make sure you’re under the shield when it happens (the sky will go dark before it happens so take that as a queue), and if no one has popped it, you might have to.  Avoid the green mines on the ground, which are dropped when the boss casts Entropic Mine.  Place your Efflorescence under the melee, because the ranged will probably be spread out a bit.

Make sure to spot heal whoever is in the pod. It usually just takes a couple HoTs to keep them up.  It is highly unlikely that you will be called upon to pilot a pod.  Dispel Chaos Pulse, especially toward the end of the fight when the damage ramps up.  One boss has an ability called Summon Reinforcements, which brings in adds.  Felblade Shocktroopers will charge you and Bladestorm.  Make sure you’re getting out of that ASAP.  Use Dash or Displacer Beast if you have to.  It will kill you after a few seconds of you not moving your butt.  This may also overlap with the Fusillades where people are stacked under the shield.  If that happens, you’ll need to heal people quickly so they can get out of the Bladestorm.

Heroic mode makes life more difficult for the pod pilots.  After you exit one pod, you cannot enter another, so more will need to be designated. It’s possible you could be one of them, especially at the beginning of the fight where damage isn’t as bad.  Talents I recommend are, of course, Displacer Beast, Cenarion Ward (perhaps best used on the pod person), Cultivation, and Flourish.  I like to run Inner Peace, but if you are finding that not a lot of damage is going out you may want to switch to Germination just to stack more Rejuvs.

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