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Long Live the Queen was a game I had heard a bit about on a few podcasts and I’d never played a game like it before so I wanted to try it.  I believe I bought it during the Steam sale but I am not sure.


The art

The art of this game is really cute.  The characters all have unique looks.  They have different facial expressions for every situation and I think it gives the game more depth.  There are different images for each way you can die, some of which are pretty funny.  There are also different backgrounds for the game, and they set the scene quite well.

The options

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I love how many different options there are in this game.  It’s like a spider web.  The decisions you make really matter in this game, whether it be the choice to marry a certain person or which classes to take, it all REALLY matters.  A lack of a single skill point can really fuck you over, and it’s important not to piss anybody off.

The detail

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It’s clear that a lot of thought went into this game.  In addition to all the class options, each tier has a really good description about what you’re learning and why it’s useful.  They do a really good job of fleshing out this country that the game is set in, and why different aspects are important.

The music

The music for this game is all piano and it’s really cute.  It really sets the tone of the game.  The one downside is that, due to licensing issues, the developer of the game does not have the rights to sell the music separately or make the soundtrack available.  So the only way to get at the music is to dog through the files.


This game is highly replayable.  It’s really hard to do the exact same thing twice.  There are so many options that it’s always something different and you could win the game ten times and get a different story.  Not that you’re likely to, because…


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When you do finally get the main character to her coronation, it’s really a FUCK YEAH! moment.  You’ve really accomplished something.  Virtually.  It’s so frustrating getting her there that it’s amazing that you actually managed to do it.


You’re fucked

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Death by chocolate.

Unless you follow a guide or are a huge fan of spreadsheets… you’re pretty much screwed.  You will NEVER win this game.  All the options and outcomes are so random that you may learn from a previous mistake but come upon another way to die a turn later that you were not prepared for.  You could do 50 playthroughs of this game and still not win.  ALTHOUGH, it is pretty fun to stumble on new ways to die or new options that you hadn’t seen before.

Relatively short

This is not meant to be a long game, which is fine, and some people may not see this as a con.  I would have liked it to be a bit longer, personally.  Maybe they could make a sequel?  Long Live the Next Queen.  That could be a thing right?

Overall I really enjoyed this game and it gets my stamp of approval.  If anyone wants to know the way I beat it, all by myself without reading a guide, I have a copy of my log here.


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