Miscellaneous Ramblings

This isn’t gonna be a post about anything in particular.  You know how YouTubers sometimes sit down and ramble in front of a camera for 20 minutes about just whatever pops into their head?  This is gonna be like that.  But in text.  So automatically about 35% less interesting.

I haven’t been playing a lot of WoW lately.  My raiding team is having roster issues so we’re on a bit of a hiatus until we get some more good people.  What keeps happening is we have an abundance of healers but not many good dps.  I’ve decided to start gearing my shaman as ele.  I haven’t played my shaman much and when I did it was resto, but I think ele shamans do look pretty cool.  They’re like druids, but with rocks.  And stuff.  It’s a bit of a slow start.  Good PUGs are hard to come by.

I also think I’m gonna start my transmog collecting extravaganza in anticipation of Legion.  I don’t much transmog collected but there are so many good places to find sets I wanna get a head start on it.  I’m terribly obsessive about keeping my banks clear so I have plenty of slots to hold gear until Legion drops.  I’ll also be looking out for mounts while I’m at it.

I finally collected the last pet I can buy for my pet collection.  All the ones now that I don’t have are from achievements and whatnot.  And I now have about 15 or so pets that are still not 25.  That will be easy to rectify, if I can make my lazy butt get up and do battle trainers.

In non-WoW news, the game I’ve mostly playing is Zeus: Master of Olympus.  It’s an old-school citybuilder based on ancient Greece.  It’s one of my favorite games.  I just discovered the wide world of user-created campaigns to download.  I’m having a lot of fun with it.

zeus master of olympus

I kind of want to start making Let’s Play videos for my currently-inactive YouTube channel.  It’s just a small case of cold feet.  I think I may want to start out with Lethis since I’ve already played it so it may be a bit easier to talk about.  After that, I want to start whittling down my Steam list.  I have so many games I haven’t played.  After Lethis, I’m thinking of playing Magical Diary and making videos and a review about that.

Time is a bit scarce lately though.  I’m taking five classes this semester.  That’s a big workload.  I’m taking them online so mostly it’s a lot of reading more than anything else.

So right now I’m starting to binge-watch all the Pokemon movies on Netflix because they’re being taken down in February.  I hurt my back again so all I have is time for the next few days while my back heals.  My left hip and my lower back right above my tailbone is where it hurts the most.  I can’t even stand up straight.  At least it’s a good excuse to ask my mom to do things for me, like make me grilled cheese.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.  I’ll be finishing my Resto Druid raiding guide probably in the next week or so.  Since I haven’t been raiding as much I haven’t gotten the screenies or been doing the mechanics to keep the strategies in my mind.  Until then, see ya.

PS: If you’re in the US, don’t forget to caucus!  It doesn’t matter who for.  Just be involved!

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