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Pet battling is one of my loves in WoW. I have in the realm of 680 pets and I love every one of them.  BUT some of them are my go-to powerhouses for battling.  I’ll tell you which ones!  This roster makes a good group of pets for a beginner battler, because they are very versatile.

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I love Lil’ Tarecgosa.  My first main was a mage so as a mage I love and identify with this pet.  It’s sort of my mage’s ‘mascot’, if you will.  She’s also a great battler.  If you’re leveling pets in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, this pet is part of the holy trinity, with Ashwing Moth and some sort of Strider.  They can take care of anything in the Vale together.

Yeah, my Sprite Darter is only level 1. I’ve never battled with her.  But she’s my holy grail pet that I love the most. She’s my avatar icon!

world of warcraft best battle pets ashwing moth

My Ashwing Moth is very powerful and fast.  She has the handy Cocoon that you can use when you know the enemy is about to use a nuke, and has a nuke of its own in the form of Moth Dust.  Part of the Holy Leveling Trinity.

anubisath idol

The Anubisath Idol is widely hailed as the best pet battling pet int he game, and it arguably is.  Sandstorm is a great ability when fighting difficult enemies.  It has a shield ability which mitigates damage, in addition to being a Humanoid and regaining health every turn.  You can dodge nukes with your shield.  It’s very possibly to come out of a battle with more health than you went in with.

This guy is such a cutie, right? You have your AoE, Death and Decay, along with Bonestorm.  This pet is god if you’re fighting Lorewalker Cho in the Celestial Tournament.  Plus it has a very handy heal, and you can always get off one more attack when you come back to life.

Infinite Whelpling has good situational use.   The heal makes it a good pet for long-term fights, and Darkflame makes it harder for the opposition to heal itself.

Legs is cute, or as an alternative you could use the Coilfang Stalker.  They have the same ability set.  The combination of magic and water attacks comes in handy.  A Whirlpool and a good Pump will take out most enemies.

This guy comes in very handle.  Mangle is a good DoT, and Pounce is handy if you’re quicker than the enemy.  Howl plus Claw is a super nuke, and you can dodge the nukes from your enemy.  Ocerall almost as useful as the Anubisath Idol.

Lil’ Bling is so useful that I keep two of them, which is why they have names, Ringaling and Dingaling.  Make It Rain plus Inflation is DEATH for beast pets.  Plus isn’t SMACKTHAT.EXE the best attack ever?

You can also use maybe some sort of crab, though it’ll be harder.  This guy is super handy for his shield and his heal.  You can use surge if you want to go first every time and your enemy is faster, but Snap does more damage.


This guy has some good situation use, like fighting the Pandaren Earth Spirit.  Breath is a dragonkin attack which is handy coming from a Mechanical type.  Bombing Run is a great nuke and Decoy is great, especially if your pet is faster.

Awwww, isn’t he cute?  You could also use a Cinder Kitten or Fel Flame.  Immolate plus Conflagrate is great for fighting mechanicals. Cauterize is a good heal but you sacrifice your nuke.

I chose this guy just for his Call Lightning.  It’s great for adding damage, especially if you’re fighting a beast.  It’s great for the Celestial Tournament.  The Cocoon Strike is good for avoiding nukes if you time it right.

widow spiderling

Any spider fits, really, especially if it’s fast.  Brittle Webbing plus Leech Life is good for long-term survival and whittling down your enemies.  Bonus if you can fit in a Spiderling Swarm while Brittle Webbing is up.

You could use just about any rabbit, they’re all pretty fast.  Rabbit are great pets that don’t get enough utilization.  Flurry is actually a decent attack.  You essentially have two dodges, one from Dodge and one from Burrow.  If you time it right you can go a whole fight without taking any damage.  A fast rabbit pet is essential for the Pandaren Earth Spirit.

What are your holy grail pets?

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