My New PC and Desk Set-up (aka The Girl Cave Part 2)

A long while ago I did a post describing my desk setup.  At the time it got a lot of attention, but looking back on it is so cringe!  I now have a desk setup I am much happier with.  Of course, it will never be perfect.  There will always be something to tweak or change, but this is the best I’ve felt about my desk setup since, well, ever.
girl gamer room tour setup pc gaming white purple pink
Here’s an overview of what it looks like.
girl gamer room tour setup pc gaming white purple pink
We’ll start from left to right.  The desk is from a company called Merax and I got it on Amazon.  Actually I got almost everything from Amazon.  The legs of my desk are spraypainted lavender.  Of course, like in the first desk setup post, my remote is close at hand.  My monitor is from HP and I have the same Logitech keyboard.  I also have the same Bondidea N86 mouse, which I love.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in pink anymore.  I got my Sailor Moon mousepad from a seller on Amazon.  I wish it was a bit brighter and the edges are slightly frayed but I still love it.
girl gamer room tour setup pc gaming white purple pink
I got the purple vase from a garage sale, and I am so in love with it.  I always keep fresh flowers in it.  These ones I got and I wanted to be surprised at which color they turned out to be.  Next to it is a book I’m reading now and a to-do list pad on top of it that I got at Wal-Mart.  I am one of those people who loves to-do lists.  Next to that is my pen holder I got from Amazon that has in it my Sailor Mercury pen, my Ravenclaw pen, a couple other random pens, my scissors, and my Skullcandy earbuds.  Next to that is a little stand that I keep my phone on.
girl gamer room tour setup pc gaming white purple pink
Above that area on the wall I keep my controllers tidy with stick-on wall hooks I got from Amazon.  On the top is a Wireless Windows XBox controller that I sometimes use when playing compatible games on my PC, then below that I have a pink wireless PS3 controller from Rock Candy, then below that I have my white PS4 controller with decals from DecalGirl on it.  Below that is my Skullcandy wireless gaming headset.  Next to that on the board is a calendar I got from a gift shop, and some random notes and stuff stuck in pins next to it.
girl gamer room tour setup pc gaming gargoyle gecko faerie dragon
Finally, on the edge of my desk is the cage that my gargoyle gecko lives in.  I go days without seeing him.  Sometimes I don’t even know if he’s alive so I check.  Above that is my Brightwing plush.  Next to the cage I keep a water bottle and a spray bottle since it’s just handier to keep it there.
girl gamer room tour setup pc gaming faerie dragon white purple pink
Below my desk is where my PC lives.  I LOVE my PC.  I built it myself and named it Faerie Dragon.  The case is a white BitFenix Prodigy which I spraypainted the handles and added a different front cover that fit my color scheme more.  The decal on the front is from RedBubble.  In it are an EVGA GeForce GTX 1080, Intel Core i7-4790, 16 GB of ram, a Gigabyte Z97N WiFi motherboard, Western Digital 1 TB hard drive, and Windows 8.1 OS.  The filing cabinet, with the handles spraypainted, is from Amazon.  The USB hub stuck to the side is also from Amazon.  I have an audio extender cable coming out of the side, stuck to the side of the desk with a cable clip.

As you can tell, the cable management is much better this time around compared to the previous post.  Some products I love for managing cables are cable clips, cable tie mounts, simple thin zip ties, thick reusable zip ties, and mounting tape.  I got most of the tips for managing my cables from a YouTube channel called TechSource, which was super helpful.

I obviously have other things I sometimes have on my desk, like my transmitter for my headset, my XBox controller receiver, and my external disk player, and stuff like that, but I hate clutter so if I’m not using it, it gets put away.  This iteration is definitely less cluttered than it was in the first post.  I really prefer it this way with such a clean and simple look.

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