Nightspire Guide for Restoration Druids

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Krosus

Krosus boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto
Krosus is a DPS check fight.  The healing isn’t too difficult until the end, so save your cooldowns for the last phase when most of the bridge is gone, because the Orb of Destruction is going to be a big pain in the butt at the end.  I recommend taking the talents Cenarion Ward, Spring Blossoms, Cultivation, and Displacer Beast.

The raid will usually be stacked into two groups, so keep your Efflorescence under one of those.  Generally I keep mine under melee.  Keep an eye on your timers and a few seconds before Burning Pitch goes out, run toward the back of the bridge so you can soak swirlies there.  If multiple swirlies are overlapping, you can soak more than one if you stand between them.

When you get Orb of Destruction, use Displacer Beast or Dash to run to the back of the bridge.  The Fel Beams will usually alternate, as in one will be on the right, the next one on the left, the next on the right, and so on.  After one, go to the other side so you can avoid the next one.  Our mobility helps on this fight.  At the end of the fight, almost everyone will be stacked together  so you can keep Efflorescence under everyone and Orb of Destruction is going to be very painful.

Depending on the DPS of your group, Inner Peace may be worth taking if you can fit in enough Tranquilities to make it worthwhile.

2. Tichondrius

Tichondrius boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto
Tichondrius can be very difficult, especially on heroic.  The nice thing is that healers do not have to worry much about mana because during the nightmare phase, you get a buff called Essence of Night when you stand in the purple light that regenerates your mana much faster.  Make SURE you get that buff.  Be ruthless about getting that buff.  You need it more than the DPS do.  Carrion Plague will cause constant ticking damage.  Because we will regenerate so much mana, feel free to just blanket the raid in Rejuvenations.  Everyone and their mother gets a Rejuvenation.

You may even consider taking Germination instead of Spring Blossoms because you can just Rejuvenation everyone.  Usually the players affected by Carrion Plague will be standing together, so you can place Efflorescence under them or under the melee group.  When someone gets Brand of Argus (the big green swirling thing), they must stand in a group to detonate it, which will do moderate raidwide damage.  When those swirlies go out, make sure everyone is topped off so no one gets one shot.

When someone gets Burning Soul, ensure they are a safe distance away from everyone else (because it does damage within a certain radius), and dispel them.  It may be helpful to just have all the healers dispel themselves so no one gets blown up by accident.  If you get add aggro by accident, Typhoon them away so someone else can get aggro on them.

3. Grand Magistrix Elisande

Grand Magistrix Elisande boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto
This is the kind of fight that makes you angry.  Just because of the mechanics and how repetitive it is.  That being said, it’s not HARD.  Just annoying.  Our mobility will once again be useful during this fight.  Make sure your talents include Displacer Beast, Cenarion Ward, and Inner Peace (because everyone is so spread out and moving all the time, which makes Efflorescence pretty useless most of the time).  You may also want to consider taking Guardian Affinity, because Bear Form allows us to cheese a lot of mechanics so the extra defense may be worth it.

It’s entirely possible to dodge the Arcanetic Ring the way everyone else does, but we can also avoid it using Displacer Beast or switch to Bear Form and just eat it.  What I tend to do is avoid the first one the normal way, then for the second (which only happens on heroic) I use Displacer Beast to dodge it.  It’s also helpful to use Dash or Displacer Beast to quickly get to the spots where the Epocheric Orb will land.  It will do damage to you, so you can go into Bear Form before it hits to mitigate the damage on you.  You can also go into Bear Form to soak some Spanning Singularity (the blue pools on the ground), which will shrink them and make them less of a hassle for the group.

After the pink elemental dies, stand in the pink bubble to get a haste boost.  If you stand in it long enough, you will get a second one right before the bubble goes away.  Use this haste boost!

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