Number 8

As the title may vaguely suggest, this is a mostly filler post to round out my monthly post count goal.  So I thought I’d do some little updates.

Firstly, the sidebars of the blog have gotten much more action recently as I’ve been putting up affiliate links.  Do I think I’ll get any meaningful income from them? Nah.  But do I feel like a real accomplished blogger having them there? Fuck yes I do.

I also added a pet battles section up in the top menu bar, to as as somewhat of a repository for the pet battle posts I’m gonna be publishing.  You may have already noticed me starting to post some strategies for pet battle achievements and such.  My game is in somewhat of a lull right now, so I’ve been going back and doing some stuff I never got around to this expansion, like mount runs and pet battles.  I thought I’d document the process, for views posterity.  I’ve been somewhat frustrated with my raid team lately, so I’ve taken a step back from raiding with them and have found some extra free time on my hands.

I’m planning a lot more pet battle posts, including strategies for almost every long pet battle achievement there IS.  But really, Family Familiar is an absolute BITCH.  Each quest comes up completely randomly like not even once a week, like less than once a week.  And you can only do one pet family per that quest, and once you complete the quest you can’t fight them again.  There’s 10 families and like a dozen trainers for that quest!   It’s absolute garbage.  What’s worse is I can’t even retest my strategies to see if they’re repeatably viable.  It’s trash.

As far as other future content goes, I’m going to be updating my ever-popular Girl Cave posts with my new desk setup (now 90% cooler).  I’ll also be writing some cool new guides and reviews, so look out for those.

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