One-of-Many Strategies for Family Fighter

one-of-many pet battle guide strategy world of warcraft wow
These are simple strategies to defeat One-of-Many for the Family Fighter achievement.  Note that you can fight all these pets regardless of whether their world quest is up or not, so you can grind out the whole achievement in one day if you really want to.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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1. Humanoid

Squirky (x,2,2)
Hogs (2,1,1) (Another Squirky or Terky also works here)
Dandelion Frolicker (1,1,x) (Another Squirky or Terky also works here)

Bubble. Swap to second pet.  Stampede.  Swap back to first pet.  Stampede again (first pet dies).  Finish him off with a couple hits from your remaining pets.

2. Flying

Skywisp Moth (x,x,2)
Ikky (x,1,1)
Anything Flying

Cast Call Lightning.  Bring in Ikky.  Black ClawFlock.  That should do it.

3. Undead

Wicked Soul (x,x,1)
Unborn Val’kyr (x,2,2)
Blighted Squirrel (1,x,2)

Haunt.  Bring in Val’kyr.  Curse of DoomUnholy Ascension.  Stampede.  Scratch.  Scratch.

4. Critter

Three rabbits/hares with speed more than 281, with Scratch, Dodge, and Stampede.

Dodge.  Stampede.  Scratch three times.  Next bunny comes in.  Scratch.  Dodge.  Stampede.  Scratch twice.  Dodge.

5. Magic

Mini Mindslayer (2,1,2)
Hyjal Wisp (2,1,2)
Erudite Manafiend (1,2,x)

Amplify MagicMana Surge.  Pass.  Life Exchange.  Swap to Wisp.  EvanescenceArcane blast three times.  Switch to Mindslayer.  Life Exchange.  Mana Surge.  Bring in the Wisp.  Arcane Blast.  Evanescence.  Arcane Blast until the Wisp dies.  Finish with Mana Surge.

6. Elemental

Jadefire Spirit (2,2,2)
Core Hound Pup (1,2,2)
Molten Corgi (1,1,1)

Fade.  Scratch.  Burrow.  Dodge.  Scratch three times.  Pass.  Bring in Corgi.  SuperbarkBarkPuppies of the Flame.  Superbark.  Bark twice.  ImmolateJade Claw three times.  Fade.

7. Beast

Ash Viper (or any beast with >281 speed and Burrow)
Zandalari 1 (>289 speed and Black Claw, Hunting Party, and Leap)
Zandalari 2 (same)

Burrow.  Switch to Zandalari 1.  Black ClawHunting PartyLeap until Zandalari dies.  Switch to Viper.  Do ANYTHING but burrow until Cannon comes back up.  Then Burrow.  Switch to Zandalari 2.  Black Claw.  Hunting Party.

8. Aquatic

Slithershock Elver (>281 speed, 1,1,1)
Any Frog >281 speed with Tongue Lash, Healing Wave, Swarm of Flies
Benax (2,2,1)

Dodge.  Switch to Benax.  Bubble.  Swarm of Flies.  Switch to your random frog.  Healing Wave.  Tongue Lash twice.  Switch back to Benax.  Swarm of Flies.  Tongue Lash.  Bubble.  Tongue Lash twice.  Switch to Elver.  Dodge.  Deep Bite.  DiveDeep Bite twice.  Dodge.  Deep Bite.  Dive.  Pass.

9. Mechanical

Clockwork Gnome (x,x,1)
Cogblade Raptor (x,x,3)
Lil’ Bling (2,x,x)

Build Turret.  Switch to Raptor.  Exposed Wounds.  Switch to Bling.  Inflation.  Inflation.  Switch to Raptor.  Batter.  Batter.  Pass.

10. Dragonkin

Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon (x,2,1)
Nether Faerie Dragon (2,2,x)
Nexus Whelpling (x,2,2)

Lift-Off.  Switch to Nether.  Arcane Blast twice.  Life Exchange.  Arcane Blast.  Bring back Yu’la.  Lift-Off.  Switch back to Nether.  Life Exchange.  Arcane blast twice.  Bring back Yu’la.  Celestial Blessing.  Lift-Off.  Switch to Nexus.  Arcane StormMana Surge.  Arcane Storm again if he still has health.  Pass.

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