Online Goals of 2018

I, like most people, tend to fail badly at any resolutions I make at the start of the year. It’s not that I’m not committed, it’s more like the resolution was half-baked in the first place. I never take the time to write anything down so I have something physical to look at as a representation of my goals.  I think if I had something like that, it would make it easier to keep those goals in mind.  That being said, here are my goals for my blog/online stuff for 2018!

1. Stream at least 3 times a week

The failure of a lot of streamers is that they don’t have a schedule.  I thrive on a schedule. I like knowing I’m going to do this thing, at this time, on this day. I’m making it a goal to stream 3 times a week, and plan it out beforehand so I can update my schedule on Twitch.  My work schedule changes daily so I can only plan a week at a time, and I update my schedule accordingly. 3 is the bare minimum, but I’d like to stream 5 days a week if we’re talking a perfect world here.

2. Post on Instagram and Twitter once a day, every day

I think to be a successful streamer and content creator, you have to have a strong social media presence.  It creates a window into your life and makes it easier for viewers to connect with you.  It makes you more relatable.  And we all know smart use of hashtags can expand your audience.

3. Post 3 videos a week on each channel

I have a gaming channel and a pet channel (which I’m still setting up).  I think 3 videos a week per channel is a good rate of growth and content output.  It’s a little easier to create content for gaming channels because you can clip from streams and record Let’s Play footage that requires not much editing.  A pet channel is more difficult. However, given my flexible work schedule I think it will be a very accomplishable task.

4. Post 2 blog posts a week

I’m been somewhat consistent with 2 blog posts a week for a little while, barring some droughts here and there.  I have a bunch of ideas drafted so mostly it’s a matter of getting the thought onto the page.  The nice thing about gaming is that the scene is always changing so there’s no shortage of new stuff to write about.

5. Work up to at least 30 concurrent viewers

I haven’t set myself any follower goals or anything, because I believe that if you provide the content consistently and are good at networking and advertising yourself, the followers come with time and perseverance.  I would like to have at least 30 concurrent viewers in my channel, because who doesn’t want that many people to talk to?

6. Open a P.O. box

This one may not be feasible this year or even next year, but it’s still something to aim toward.  I’d like to open a P.O. box for people to send me letters and stuff, but that ties into the follower amount.  Why pay for an expensive P.O. box that no one’s sending anything to? It provides more motivation to work hard.

7. Open a merch store

Sort of like the previous goal, may not be feasible this year, for the same reason. Still a goal.

8. Commission official channel art

All of my art is stuff I slapped together myself.  It would be nice to commission official art for my Twitch, YouTube, and socials to make it all more cohesive and “me”.

9. Become Discord partner and set up my own Discord

If there’s enough interest in this I’d love to make a Discord where my community and I can talk together and build camaraderie.  Of course, like the last few, again depends on if I have the sheer numbers of followers to make this a worthwhile venture.  If I work hard and dedicate myself, I’m confident that I can make this happen.

10. Join Twitch Kittens stream team

I love the Twitch Kittens community.  I know I don’t qualify for the team right now, but I’d like to in the future, and I’m proud to be a Twitch Kitten.

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