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Pet battling is one of my favorite things in World of Warcraft.  I have over 600 pets and it is one of my goals to get as many of them as I can to level 25 before Legion comes out.  Speaking of pre-Legion goals, I made progress on one of them.  I got my shaman to level 100 via dungeons, so next I will work either on my Mistweaver or Holy paladin.  I want to wait to do my warlock until flying comes out so travel is a bit faster.

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Anyways, back to pet battling.  The default pet battling interface is not that good.  Therefore I use some addons to enhance it and make it more user-friendly.  The following are my favorite pet battling/collecting addons:

1. Daily Global CheckPet Tamers


Lists the pet tamers you haven’t yet done in a handy way by listing them as complete or incomplete.

2. Pet Journal Enhanced

This addon adds many features for sorting through the pets in the pet journal.  You can sort by rarity, level, attack type, pet type, wheteher it can or can’t battle, etc etc.  I find this addon is great for developing strategies for defeating new pets.

3. PetMarket

This addon makes it way easier to identify pets on the Auction House that you don’t have.  It scans the AH and shows only the pets you don’t already have.  If you have TradeskillMaster, make sure you disbale that before scanning because they don’t work together very well.

4. PetTracker

The holy grail of pet addons.  This adds SO much battling functionality.  It adds icon on the world map of all the pets in the zone, which can be narrowed down by what isn’t rare or just what you don’t have.  It also displays the enemy pet’s abilities and cooldown when you’re battling, which makes it so much easier to strategize.  It alerts to to upgrades when you’re fighting wild pets, so you know which ones to tame.  Lastly, it displays a journal in the collections tab that shows every enemy tamer and their teams.

5. Rematch

world of warcraft addon rematch pet battle

One of my favorite addons.  This allows you to save a team for a particular tamer and their abilities so all you have to do is target the tamer and the pets will switch in.  You can also assign a slot just for leveling pets.

6. Pet Farm Helper

This addon helps if you have a smaller collection with some pets you need to farm.  My collection just has holiday pets and pets from achievements so I don’t have to farm pets anymore, but this can come in really handy for someone who does so you can easily see which pets will be easiest to farm.

Those are my pet addons.  Do you have any pet-related addons you absolutely have to have?

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