Pet Battle Changes in Battle for Azeroth

A new expansion always brings new changes to existing systems. Pet battles have been fairly stagnant since they were introduced in Mists of Pandaria. It appears that is about to change.
battle for azeroth pet battle charm stone vendor

1. Scaling

It has been revealed that pet battles will scale. The levels of the opposing pet will scale to the highest level pet on your team. So, you can use a group of level 1 pets, even in the new zones and get some experience for the battle. So far it’s only for battles related to World Quests, or all battles in general.

2. Currency

They’re introducing a new currency for pet battles, replacing the existing pet charms. The current pet charms won’t be good for much in the next expansion (except old content), so I’m mass buying battle stones with the ones I have (the ones that upgrade a pet to rare quality, and the ones that instantly upgrade a pet to level 25). On a related note, Ultimate Battle-Training Stones will have their cost raised from 45 pet charms to 60. The current pet charms will be called Shiny Pet Charms, and the new ones will be called Polished Pet Charms.

3. Achievements

As always, there are a handful of new achievements related to pet battling in the new expansion. Avid collectors will be relieved to learn they’re finally giving us not one new collection achievement, but two.

Polished Pet Charmer
Shiny Pet Charmer
Battle Safari
Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras
Master of Minions
Pet Emporium

4. Pets!

Then of course there are the actual new pets coming out! I’ve seen shots of a few and they all look super adorable. This post on the site Bubbles of Mischief breaks down every known new pet coming out and how it is acquired.

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