Pre-Legion Goals

Blaugust Day 9

Blaugust 2015

The Legion is coming.  There is no timeline as of yet for the game’s release yet, but I can make some assumptions based on how it’s played out in the past.  I’m gonna guess that beta will open up soon after Blizzcon.  Betas usually start in the summer months, but summer is almost over so I don’t see that happening.  After Blizzcon would be a smart time to do it since people will be hyped up about it.  The expansions tend to release 7-9 months after beta starts.  So if beta starts right after Blizzcon, we’re looking at a release date of somewhere in March to May of 2016.  That may sounds like plenty of time to get your ducks in a row before the new expansion hits.  Trust me…

world of warcraft illidan you are not prepared

So here is my list of the things I want to do before the next expansion hits.

1. Level as many pets as possible to level 25.  I have somewhere in the realm of 600 pets, and maybe less than 200 are 25. I have some work to do.

2. Obtain as many mounts as possible.  Keep my running list of mounts to get and keep doing my mount circuit every day/week on multiple alts.

3. Do legendary ring quests on my alts.  This is just for giggles.  I’d like to maybe keep one alt on each part of the quest and keep em moving like a train.

4. Find a guild I fit better in for Legion raiding.

5. Acquire Draenor Pathfinder achievement.

6. Finish up Loremaster achievement.  All I need is Draenor Nagrand and Vash’jir.

7. Do any achievements I can reasonably do.  This includes the raiding achievements I don’t have yet, which is most of them.

8. Deck out all my alts in hexweave bags.

9. Level all my alts to 100.  This will be easy since all my alts are at least level 95.

10.  Get all Draenor reps to exalted on my mage, then get working on all the older reps I don’t have yet.  My mage is my rep toon that I like to do all my reps on.

I will update this list as I think of things, and cross off what I achieve.  Wish me luck!

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