Repping the Horde IRL

The Battle of Azeroth cinematic shown at Blizzcon really inspired my inner Hordie.  I loved how it featured Sylvanas in all her banshee glory, and her cry of “FOR THE HORDE!” sent chills down my spine.  It actually made me feel pride in my faction, even though I’ve never really bought into the whole faction pride thing too much.  It made me want to rep my faction more.

So I took to Google to find some cool wallpapers to replace my D.Va ones.

I made this one my lock screen.  I love it.

This one is now my home screen (yes I keep it tidy).  I love how the lock screen is simple but still very descriptive, and it flows into this dark and foreboding home screen of the Dark Lady looking right at you with her red eyes.

I actually already had this phone case so I dug it out because I knew it would fit my Horde/Sylvanas theme perfectly.  I got it from here.

My final touch was to download the audio from the cinematic and find the spot where Sylvanas yells “For the Horde”.  I clipped it to just a few seconds of  the just that audio and I made it my text tone.  Now whenever someone texts me, my phone yells “FOR THE HORDE!” in Sylvanas banshee voice.  My phone makes me feel like a badass now.

Besides that, I also have the Horde racerback tee that was on the Blizzard gear store a while back, but it’s gone now.  For a long time I’d wanted to get a Horde symbol tattoo but I just never had the money for it.  I would like to get it maybe pastel rainbow, and more stylized or “chibi”-ish than the traditional Horde symbol tattoo.  If anyone wants to design that for me, that would be awesome.

How do you rep your chosen faction?

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