Restoration Druid Guide Part 5: Gear and Azerite (8.1 Compliant)

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I know you want me to give you a Best in Slot list.  There’s so many options with different stats that knowing which gear is RIGHT is a huge pain in the butt, made no easier by all these differences because of random sockets and the forging system.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you a BiS list.

In general, whatever has a higher item level is what you should be equipping (also take into account the Azerite traits).  The exceptions to this is in jewelry and trinkets, where certain stats and effects may make something pull ahead of items with a higher item level.  Generally, we tend to prefer trinkets with a large amount intellect instead of fancy effects that are less reliable.  Your best in slot will also vary based on what content you do.  Obviously if you only raid and don’t do mythic dungeons, mythic dungeon items will not be applicable to your BiS list.  My recommendation is to visit, and have it calculate your best in slot based on what content you actually do and whether you run a mastery or haste build.  You can change it up as you wish and sub things in that you believe are better.  That’s what I do to generate my list of desired gear.
Azerite Traits

You can equip multiple of each trait, but keep in mind that percentages do NOT stack, but flat numbers DO.

Patch 8.1 introduced some new traits, and I’d like to see how all the traits perform in the new raid before I really decide what I want to shoot for. For now, this is what I recommend for raiding.

Autumn Leaves
Archive of the Titans

Rejuvenating Breath
Lively Spirit
Waking Dream – Only have one Waking Dream trait, because the percentage increase does not scale with multiple traits.
Blessed Portents
Blood Siphon
Sylvanas’ Resolve
Blightborne Infusion
Blood Rite
Meticulous Scheming
Rampant Growth – Will only apply the bonus Regrowth ONCE, no matter how many of this trait you have. Will necessitate slightly changing your rotation. Make sure you are NOT casting Regrowth on your Lifebloom target.
Secrets of the Deep
Swirling Sands
Grove Tending – Good for Mythic+
Incite the Pack / Tradewinds – Good for Mythic+
Ephemeral Recovery

In general, what you want to shoot for is two Autumn Leaves traits and one Archive of the Titans. Keep in mind that having two Autumn Leaves traits will alter your rotation slightly. Use Wild Growth more sparingly, because you want Rejuvenation to be the only HoT on a given player at a time (excluding tanks). You will also need to drop the Spring Blossoms, Abundance, and Cultivation talents. Also note that having an extra Germination and a Rejuvenation on a single target counts as two HoTs. Enchant Weapon – Coastal Surge will ALSO negate Autumn Leaves, so pick another enchant. The HoT from Concentrated Mending will also negate it.

That being said, that’s a LOT of changes and alterations to have to make just for the sake of a couple Azerite traits. Personally, I avoid Autumn Leaves like the plague. If you are willing to make the necessary changes, 2+ traits of Autumn Leaves is the king in terms of numbers, but it’s so difficult to use correctly that I’d just as soon not even bother. At the time of this writing, my traits are Rampant Growth, Waking Dream, and Archive of the Titans. I consistently pull ahead to first place in raids. I think I’m doing just fine.

For Mythic+, it’s best to have one Grove Tending, and two Incite the Pack / Tradewinds.

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