Restoration Druid Guide Part 2: Stats, Enchants, Gems, and Consumables (8.1 Compliant)

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The Restoration druid has a few best consumables to perform at our maximum.  We will always want intellect, but our secondary stat consumable of choice will vary.

As of now, no one stat is much better than the other. They should be about equal. For lower gear levels, I tend to bias slightly toward mastery. At higher levels, I tend to bias toward haste, because at a lower gear level it’s easier to burn mana with a lower global cooldown. At a higher gear level, you can afford to cast spells quicker. Just be sure Critical Strike, Mastery, and Haste are about even, with Versatility trailing slightly behind. Intellect is always our strongest stat. For the most part, just picking whatever has the highest item level will do you just fine.
restoration druid guide stats potions flasks

The flask we need to be getting is Flask of Endless Fathoms.

Our food of choice will always be Bountiful Captain’s Feast if it is available.  If not, then choose the stat food that has a bonus for your LOWEST stat.

The foods are:
Swamp Fish ‘n Chips (haste)
Sailor’s Pie (mastery)
Honey-Glazed Haunches (critical strike)
Spiced Snapper (versatility)

The cheaper options are:
Ravenberry Tarts (haste)
Loa Loaf (mastery)
Kul Tiramisu (critical strike)
Mon’Dazi (versatility)

You also want to always have a Battle-Scarred Augment Rune active on your druid during at least progression fights.

You can use either Coastal Mana Potion or a Potion of Replenishment on fights where you know you’ll have the opportunity to use it.  You can pop a Battle Potion of Intellect to get a head start by popping it 1 second before the fight starts, and you could use that as an opportunity to DPS before the damage starts to roll out.  You could even pop it again during the fight if you don’t think you’ll need to use a mana potion during the encounter.

You will always want one Kraken‘s Eye of Intellect on your gear.

You want to use the gems that will contribute to your LOWEST secondary.

These are:
Quick Owlseye (haste)
Masterful Tidal Amethyst (mastery)
Deadly Amberblaze (critical strike)
Versatile Royal Quartz (versatility)

The cheaper options are:
Quick Golden Beryl (haste)
Masterful Kubiline (mastery)
Deadly Solstone (critical strike)
Versatile Kyanite (versatility)

Your weapon enchant should be Coastal Surge for raiding unless you’re running an Autumn Leaves build. For dungeons, Masterful Navigation is also acceptable.

You should pick the ring enchants that will contribute to your LOWEST secondary stat.

These are:
Pact of Haste
Pact of Mastery
Pact of Critical Strike
Pact of Versatility

The cheaper options are:
Seal of Haste
Seal of Mastery
Seal of Critical Strike
Seal of Versatility

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