Royal Athenaeum Guide for Restoration Druids

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Spellblade Aluriel

aluriel boss warcraft

If the previous three bosses were a cakewalk, this boss is the early check for your raid.

I recommend running Cenarion WardSpring Blossoms, and Cultivation, in addition to Displacer Beast.  The Mark of Frost phase of the fight is the most difficult to heal, so if you can get through it with no deaths you’re probably fine.  Keep your Efflorescence under the melee group.  Pop Tranquility toward the end of the Mark of Frost phase because many players will have it and it will be very difficult to heal.  It lines up well with your Tranquility cooldown.  It’s a good idea to pop Displacer Beast when you get Mark of Frost to get to the designated area if your group has one, or to quickly move your Searing Brand out of the raid.  The tanks take stacking damage so they may call for an Ironbark if they run out of personal cooldowns to use.

2. High Botanist Tel’arn

high botanist wow

This is another mechanics-heavy fight that is easy to mess up.  Make sure you are running CultivationDisplacer Beast, and Inner Peace.  There will be a lot of chances to use Tranquility this fight.  Wait a couple seconds before you dispel Parasitic Fetter (and you SHOULD be dispelling it!) to give the DPS a chance to run away in case they get fixated.  Displacer Beast is useful for avoiding Solar Collapse and Controlled Chaos.  Keep your Efflorescence under the melee group since the ranged will likely be pretty spread out.

3. Star Augur Etraeus

star augur boss

I gotta say, this is a really pretty fight area.  The stars are so purty.  I recommend running Cultivation and Spring Blossoms.  There’s not much opportunity to cast Tranquility in this fight.  People will be stacking in clusters, making it a good fight to make sure you’re maintaining Efflorescence.  Make sure you’re turning around when the Thing That Should Not Be casts Witness the Void.  The nice thing is that we can heal even when we’re turned around so you can stay turned around the whole last phase of the fight.  It is a good idea to HoT yourself up and even pop a defensive cooldown when you get Fel Ejection.  Phase 4, with the add, is the most damage heavy so be prepared.

When you get Icy Ejection, get far enough away from other players that they are not in your circle.  On Heroic, the boss will cast Fel Nova, and you need to make sure you are on the very edge of the platform when it goes off or it’s instant death.  Displacer Beast will help here.  That means when others screw up, you can point and laugh.  Generally your raid will be divided into ranged and melee groups, and depending on your raid strategy (whether or not the groups are close enough together), you may be able to fit everyone in your Efflorescence.  Otherwise just keep it under whichever group is taking the most damage.

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