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Monday, June 4, 2018

One Crisis At a Time

Earlier in the year, I made a commitment to posting at least two times a week on this blog.  I did very good with that for a while, and it all went down the toilet.  One day my PC was working, and the next it wouldn't boot up.  Like at all.

I do have some computer training, but after doing some basic troubleshooting, I found I was getting impatient and annoyed and I just didn't want to do it anymore.  So I passed my PC on to a PC repair shop and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I called them and harassed them a bit.

Then I waited some more.

All they kept sating was they were trying different things, parts were being shipped, yadda yadda yadda.

This went on for two months.

Eventually the guy admitted he had no earthly idea what it could possibly be.  He had replaced the motherboard, the connectors, the power supply, everything he could think of, to no avail.  He returned my dead PC back to me (at no charge, lucky for him, because I would have been LIVID if he had charged me) and I got started looking for a new PC repair place who might be able to figure out the problem.  So I found someone in my area who does a pickup service and he took my PC around 7 that night to work on.

The dude calls me the next morning and says he figured out the problem.  It was my graphics card the ENTIRE time.  I wanted to literally slam my head into a wall.

So I just RMA'd my shiny, still relatively new EVGA 1080.  I now await the arrival of the replacement.  Without the graphics card, the PC boots up fine and dandy.  I cannot for the life of me understand how such a simple issue could not be figured out in two months.  I just can't with people sometimes.

So in those two months I've been stuck with my laptop, which cannot play any games made post-2001.  I shit you not, the processor is that bad.  It's a pretty new laptop and I paid for the extra graphics card option, but the processor is just so awful.  I have not been on WoW, I have not been doing pet battles, or doing any work on my website at all.  Typing on the keyboard of the laptop also makes my wrists hurt really bad.

So, my new graphics card will be coming in soon and then I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Just Making Things a Bit Prettier...

So you may notice some changes up in here!  I did some things to try to make the blog a bit prettier and easier to read.

I changed up the layout.  I added a third column and a nice background image.

I went back to a few of my older posts and updated them, including adding copyable text boxes to my UI-related posts to make it easier to copy strings of code!  You can go check them out by clicking the Restoration Druid Guide tab up on top of the post.

Another great thing I added was a couple of Related Posts tools, one on the right column and another that pops up.

Lastly, I added tools for following and sharing on social media.  I feel like my blog now is much more cohesive and sleek.  Posts flow into one another, and in some of them that are still relevant I added links which may also be helpful for that particular topic, such as the boss guides and Restoration Druid Guide posts.  Everyone who is into content creation know it's important to make sure that people STAY on your site and go from page to page, and that is by creating webs of links to keep people engaged.  I'm just hoping I did it right.  Either way, I'm super happy with the changes I made and more are certainly to come.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Changes, Updates, Announcements!

I've been a busy beaver writing and making (admittedly choppy) graphics for my new ventures!  I have several announcements so I'll go one by one.

1) Blog

I've been making small tweaks to the blog layout.  Just small stuff like adding links and tags and trying to streamline it a bit.  I've been adding stuff to my pages and trying to keep all the stuff updated. I made a page which lists all my addons and all relevant posts, so check that out if you want to see anything like my UI or addon strings.

2) Guides

I have updated all my Restoration Druid Guides to be compliant with 7.3.2!  The Guides page is updated so going there will take you to all relevant druid guides.  Also, Restoration Druid Guides for Antorus, the Burning Throne are also forthcoming and will be up soon.

3) Twitch and YouTube

I have officially made the graphics for my Twitch and YouTube channels!  There are no videos up right now but I will be posting Let's Plays and other gaming content shortly.  I'm really excited to go forth with this next step and I've been planning it for a long time!  I'm the kind of person who researches something to death before I do it, and I find that my problem is I commit to doing something, research it so I can make it perfect, then it's never perfect enough and I never actually DO it.  I have been researching a lot into creating successful YouTube and Twitch channels, and I don't think there's anything else I can without actually MAKING the content. So, streams and videos will be forthcoming!  All that's left is to actually stream, I have everything else set up.  My goal is not to make money or become famous.  I just want to share my passion for gaming and become part of a community.  I admit I'm terrified to start streaming and making videos because of my crippling social anxiety and general tendency to be afraid of new things, but this is something I really want to do.  I will also be Restreaming to both YouTube, Mixer, and Smashcast from Twitch, so if you prefer those platforms, that will be available!

4) Donations!

Right after I said I'm not interested in making money, I'm telling you how to give me money!  I do not EXPECT or require anyone to give me money.  No major content will ever be gated behind a paywall.  If someone likes a guide or video I make and want to throw me a dollar, I've made that available. I have a donation link, Patreon link, and GameWisp link in the sidebar to the right.  I know people tend to look down upon creators who try to monetize their content, but I think if someone appreciates something I make and they want to help me out a bit, then that should be an option.  I will also at some point make a special page on my blog thanking my Patreons, GameWisp supporters, and top donators.

If anyone has a suggestion regarding this blog, YouTube, Twitch, streaming in general, or my Patreon/Gamewisp, please let me know!

Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday and I hope everyone has a great new year! ^_^

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Housekeeping and Updates

Hello, it's been a hot minute hasn't it?  I have been very busy with school and haven't had a super amount of time to play video games or write or really do anything but school stuff.  I do have some posts floating around though.  I will be writing a review for the anime Log Horizon so be looking for that.

You may a have noticed a few small changes on the blog.  I've tried to add a few jangles and dongles to make it a bit prettier and more user-friendly.  I added a favicon that's like a little version of the Sprite Darter in my profile icon.  Images on the blog will now have a Pinterest Pin-It button pop up when you mouse over them.  I just installed Intense Debate as my new comment system.  To make navigation a little easier, I redid my tags so finding a post on a specific topic should be easy now.

Unfortunately, when I redid my tags a few of my posts somehow re-posted themselves as new, so... yeah.  It is what it is.  Not gonna stress over it.  Watch for new posts coming down the pipeline and if you have any suggestions with anything else I can do for my layout, I welcome it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


It's been over a year since I posted anything new on this blog.  Things have a tendency to fall by the wayside sometimes.  Most of it is just losing interest, though there have been times I thought of something and thought to myself, "Hey I should write about that."  But of course I never did.  In my defense, I have been legitimately busy.  I just finished up my first semester of college, majoring in computer science, if anyone is wondering.

I'm still playing World of Warcraft.  Still maining a resto druid.  My main server has changed to Zul'jin, as my old server had a pretty sucky raiding environment.  I'm not faring much better though.  Still trying to find a mythic guild that fits with my hours.  My next semester starts at the beginning of September and I already picked my classes, with one starting at the ungodly hour of 8 am, some I can't be raiding too late. I'm grumpy as fuck without 10 hours of sleep.

Despite not raiding much, I'm sitting pretty at an item level of 681.  Not too bad but not all that good.  I feel like I'm capable of raiding at a mythic level.  It's finding a guild that is the hard part.  In the meantime, I've been focusing on doing pet battle stuff, fluffing around on alts, and collecting mounts.  And making gold.  I like that too.

I feel like it's a good time to revive this blog and start writing again, get the creative juices flowing, you know.  Need something to do over the summer.  Writing helps me organize my thoughts.  I'm one of those people who... narrates my entire day at night and thinks so much that I can't sleep and maybe a little place to talk about what I do in gaming will help me get it all out.

To mark my new start on this blog, I changed my profile picture and the header image.  Looks nice, no?  The originals I took the screenies in Moonglade, but I decided I wanted something a bit more colorful and clear so, since Jade Forest in my favorite zone, I went there.  I tried Sholozar first because of the rainbow, but couldn't get a good picture of it, unfortunately.

Anyways, that's all for now.  I have a couple more posts waiting in the wings, so watch out for those.