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Monday, July 23, 2018

Changes to Restoration Druids in Battle For Azeroth

restoration druid talents wow world of warcraft legion battle for azeroth guide

I'm sure some people logged in on the day of the prepatch on Tuesday and didn't even recognize their class anymore. They had to relearn everything from the ground up.

Thank fully for us restoration druids, not much has changed for us. I'm sure we're all breathing in a deep sigh of relief. There were a few changes, to such things as cooldown and duration, but for the most part, it's all pretty recognizable.

The following abilities/talents were just straight-up removed:

Killer Instinct - This ability granted 100% of your Intellect as agility when you shifted into Cat form or Bear form. I don't really care about this either way. I mean I'm a tree, I only go Cat form when I'm running toward the site of my raid group's last wipe, and I never used Bear form.

Living Seed - This is the secondary effect from Regrowth, where if your Regrowth critted it would put a bloom effect on the target, which would restore 25% of the original heal. I don't really care about this either.

Healing Touch - Did anyone even use Healing Touch?

Regrowth's Passive Crit - Regrowth had an additional 40% chance to crit. I don't really care about this either. I only use Regrowth with a Clearcasting proc anyways.

Displacer Beast - I'm so sad over this. I loved Displacer Beast. It let me cheat so many mechanics. Now I have to actually be aware and stuff.

Moment of Clarity - Well there goes my free Regrowths.

We now have the following new abilities/talents:

Hibernate - A basic sleep that only works on Beasts and Dragonkin. Are we actually going to be CC'ing things now? I remember having this way back in the day but it was taken out for some reason.

Soothe - Dispels enrage effects on the enemy. Dang it, now I'm gonna have to have this crap on my bars and my raid will expect me to do stuff.

Photosynthesis - But why though? I don't cast Lifebloom on myself. Who does that? If it blooms early when on someone else, I just have to expend extra mana refreshing it sooner. I see no point to this.

Tiger Dash - A crappy consolation prize for losing Displacer Beast.

The following abilities/talents were somehow changed:

Ironbark - Cooldown has been lowered from 1.5 minutes to 1 minute.

Swiftmend - Recharge time lowered from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.

Tranquility - Now adds a stacking heal over time effect.

Innervate - Duration raised from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.

Rebirth - Now has a two-second cast time, but it now restores 100% of the target's health instead of 60%.

Abundance - Used to effect Healing Touch, but with that being removed, it is now connected to Regrowth instead.

Flourish - Now extends HoTs 8 seconds up from 6, and and it now increases the rate of our HoTs by 100% for 8 seconds. I assume it's meant to compensate for the loss of our artifact ability.

Stonebark - Now reduces the cooldown of Ironbark by 15 seconds, down from 30.

Bear Form - Armor buff raised to 220% from 200%, and Stamina buff is down to 25% from 55%.

Frenzied Regeneration - Nerfed. A lot. More of an issue if you do Mythic+ content, which I don't.

Cat Form - Autoattack damage bonus of 40%.

Regrowth - Lower mana cost, which is nice, but it also was nerfed from healing 350% of spell power to 150% of spell power, and the additional HoT now only heals for 30% of spell power, down from 60%.

Wild Growth - Another lowered mana cost. Also now heals for 59.5% of spell power, down from 238%.

Germination and Stonebark are in different spots in the talent tree now.

Other Changes:

Obviously our Artifact has lots all of its cool shiny stuff. That means we are saying goodbye to Tranquility while moving. May it rest in peace.

Some abilities that weren't on the global cooldown (GCD) now are, which means we're gonna have to fix our macros, ya'll! These abilities were changed:

Dash (1.5 seconds), Wild Charge (0.5 seconds), Frenzied Regeneration (1.5 seconds), Tiger Dash (1.5 seconds), Incarnation: Tree of Life (1.5 seconds), Innervate (1.5 seconds), Rebirth (2 seconds cast time)

As you can see, we weren't completely gutted, but we will have to modify our playstyle somewhat to account for the loss of our artifact traits and some small changes to our toolkit. We'll all get through this trying time together.

What does this mean for us?

Well, it means that Flourish is still a great talent because the heal over time effects from Tranquility can now be altered with it.

Abundance is now a more viable talent. I like to have the extra cushion of Cenarion Ward, but I'm interested to see what the numbers are. I'm still a bit leery of it since mana management is always an issue and maintaining enough Rejuvenations to make the talents worthwhile may be a pain mana-wise.

It also means... I'm gonna have to update my guides again. Joy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cool Tidbits From E3 2018

This is by no means a comprehensive recap of E3, just a few things that stood out to me that I'm kind of excited for or curious about. I don't really follow new games too closely since I'm almost always playing World of Warcraft, but I do like to play other games sometimes. Maybe one of these new ones will tear me away from my druid for a while? On with the show!

1. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 Monsters Inc Sora Goofy Donald Playstation

The confirmed release date for KH3 is January 25, 2019. It's been confirmed there will be a Toy Story world, Monsters, Inc. world, a Tangled world, a Big Hero Six world, a Frozen world, and the return of the Hercules world and the Pirates of the Caribbean world. Also, ship battles.  There will also be a special edition PlayStation 4 Pro, with a Kingdom Hearts theme, and includes all Kingdom Hearts games with it. It's mostly black so not really my aesthetic. I already have a white PS4. Still, it's interesting.

Kingdom Hearts playstation 4 pro edition deluxe E3

2. Anthem

Anthem rpg online E3

I think Anthem looks kind of interesting. You wear different interchangeable robot suits, which are kind of like classes, and you go on missions. It's an online RPG. I'm still kind of fuzzy ont eh details but it looks like it has potential. So far it seems kind of like Warframe and Defiance had a baby.

3. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 game E3

This doesn't look like the game I'd ordinarily play, but the trailer made it look pretty cool. It looks somewhat like Ghost in the Shell, if that show took a LOT of acid.  The actual story wasn't revealed at all, but it said there will be specializations, you can have your own apartment, customize your character, and do other stuff that sounds interesting to me, depending on what the story will be. It's definitely one I'll keep an eye on.

4. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

assassin's creed odyssey E3 game greece

I've played a few Assassin's Creed games and I enjoy them. I've always been a history buff, even as a little kid. Though I'm disappointed it doesn't appear you can play a female protagonist, I do enjoy ancient history so I'll probably play the game for that aspect. I see a few historical references in the trailer too. One is an erupting volcano, which may be a reference to the destruction of Pompeii. I also noticed a battle scene reminiscent of the scene in 300 where one of the soldiers kicks someone in the chest (I never actually saw 300, just the trailer, so I'm not sure the character's name or the context). The graphics also look really nice.

Friday, April 13, 2018

My Personal Allied Race Wishlist

Lots of us are hyped up about allied races in Battle for Azeroth.  I'm personally somewhat disappointed that Nightborne can't be druids, but whatevs... (salty...)   I'm sure we all have those favorite NPC races we would LOVE to play.  I put together a little list of those races I love and want to play.  If you have anything to add, feel free to do so int he comments!

bfa allied races wow world of warcraft battle for azeroth

1. Naga

naga allied race battle for azeroth world of warcraft npc

I've always liked Naga.  I think they're a pretty interesting race.  Maybe we could get a faction of naga who have broken away from Azshara somehow?  I'm also not sure how those animations would be logistically or how mounts would work, but I'm sure the devs could come up with something feasible.

2. Vulpera

vulpera allied race battle for azeroth world of warcraft npc

We've gotten glimpses of the vulpera from Battle for Azeroth, and my gosh they are so cute!  It would be a shame for them to not be an allied race.  Fox druids, please.

3. Sethrak

sethrak allied race battle for azeroth world of warcraft npc

The sethrak are the snake people shown in the BfA teasers.  I'm not sure how they will be as a race but I can clearly see that they are badass-looking.  Snake druids?  Basically all druids all the races.

4. Ethereals

ethereal allied race battle for azeroth world of warcraft npc

Ethereals are prety fascinating.  They've been around since at least Burning Crusade but yet we really know nothing about them as a race.  We've gotten a little bit more detail on them in Legion, but just little tidbits.  They also got a model update.  It would be a waste to update their models just for one expansion, so I'm hoping they will become an allied race.

5. Dryads

dryad allied race battle for azeroth world of warcraft npc

Dryads are adorable and I want to be one.  Because they have 4 legs, it also bring up the animation and mounting question, but I'm sure the devs could come up with something cool.  They would be the best druids.

6. Nerubian

nerubian allied race battle for azeroth world of warcraft npc

Why do I like races with more than two legs?  I don't know, I just do.  The Nerubians are the spider people from Wrath of the Lich King, and I would love to play one.  I'd also like to play one of the spider people from Suramar.

7. Shivarra

shivarra allied race battle for azeroth world of warcraft npc

We've already established that there are some good shivarra, since some of them are allied with demon hunters.  I'd love for them to somehow break away and become a playable race and not be so closely tied to the demon hunters.

*images from WoWpedia

Thursday, April 12, 2018

My Pre-BfA To-do List

It was recently announced that World of Warcraft's next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, will be releasing on August 14.  We knew it was coming eventually, but now all the things I want to get done before it comes out feel more real.  I mean, I know it's not real, but, like, it's real.  So here is a list of things I want to get done before Battle for Azeroth comes out, along with some deadlines of things that you should get done if you ever plan on doing them.  I hope I can provide some inspiration for your very own pre-BfA bucket list.  Let me know what things you guys are wanting to wrap up.

WoWhead also did an excellent guide about things to do before BfA.

battle for azeroth world of warcraft bfa
via Google

1. Kill Heroic Argus

My raid group has stalled somewhat, and I am no longer raiding with them, though I am still in the guild.  Though I love 99% of the people, a snowball of factors has made me rethink my position on the team.  So, I still need to kill Heroic Argus for the achievement!  I definitely have an appropriate ilevel so I won't be too much of a carry.  There are great resources like Friendship Birb and Perky Pugs for people seeking the achievement and accompanying mount.  The in-game group finder is a bit hit-or-miss, but it's possible to get lucky.

2. Milk the FUCK out of gold missions

legion gold mission world of warcraft order hall

Gold missions are quite lucrative if you can have two or three going at once, especially when you can resend your minions through the app without even getting on your computer.  If you have a few alts who are getting them, you can easily make 50k+ a week.

3. Have a go at Brawler's Guild

I haven't done anything with Brawler's Guild since the expansion it came out (Pandaria?), so maybe during the lull I'll give that a shot and see what happens.  It hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's possible that currnet achievements will be moved to the Legacy tab and new ones will be added with BfA.

4. Farm Artifact Appearances

I'm still missing quite a few artifact appearances, so I may want to go back and get them.  Once BfA comes out, the Mage Tower appearance and Mythic +15 appearance will be unobtainable, so I want to take a whack at those.  I haven't been much interested in either of those things during Legion.  Let's face it, I'm not going to want to come back to the Broken Isles to do old content, so may as well do it now.

5. Glory Achievements

legion glory achievements raid dungeon world of warcraft

Legion, Tomb, Argus, will all still be obtainable in BfA, but since it will be old, few people are likely to want to come back to farm them.  I'd like to get them done so I can have the mounts.  Same goes for Dungeon.  I also have quite a few old ones I still need to get.

6. Farm Mounts and Pets

I'll still be doing my weekly/daily mount circuit trying to farm up those pesky rare drops.  Get a customized mount circuit at TelsaWoW!

7. Finish Pet Battle Achievments

I did very little pet battling during the meat of Legion, so I'm slowly going back and getting all those achievements, and writing about them of course.  There are also some older ones that I want to go back and get, like the one with the plushie.

8. Get all my alts to 110 and professions leveled

I'd like to catch up all my alts and get them to 110 and get their professions up.  It's nice to be able to make your own gems and enchants.

9. Unload all old materials

If you're a hoarder like me, get your bags and bank cleared out before everything in them becomes worthless.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Favorite Extensions for Chrome for Privacy, Security, and Convenience

I am a Google Chrome user, but I would never be able to use it without some important extensions that make my life easier and my Chrome experience better.  Some of them are for privacy, some for convenience, and some are for good old shopping.  I hope this might give you some ideas on what to add to your browser.  Some of these have versions available for browsers other than Chrome, so if you don't use Chrome, fear not!  Your browser might have an equivalent extension.

1. Adblock for YouTube

chrome extension adblock for youtube privacy tracking ads
This one gets rid of any ads in a video on YouTube.  If you do want to support a creator and view their ads, you can choose to turn it off.

2. Adblock Plus

chrome extension adblock privacy tracking adsI can't begin to tell you how much I love this.  It removes ads from every web page.  If you want to show ads on a page, you can whitelist the site to view their ads.  Make sure you whitelist this one!

3. Amazon Assistant for Chrome

chrome extension amazon assistant shopping easy
This one is pretty nifty.  You can take a product from any website and add it to an Amazon wishlist of your choosing.  I like to shop around so I've definitely found this handy.

4. Amazon Wish List Total

chrome extension amazon wish list total shopping easy
This one just keeps a running total of the cost of a particular Amazon wishlist.  It kind of makes me sad because it shows me how materialistic and broke I am.

5. Disconnect

chrome extension disconnect privacy security tracking ads
This one removes social media icons from all websites you visit.  I personally love it because it reduces a lot of the clutter on a website.  I'm not the type to share things to social media and I prefer a crisper layout.  It also keeps websites from being able to track you.  Like Adblock, you can whitelist a site and see all the icons on it.  Remember to whitelist this one!

6. HTTPS Everywhere

chrome extension https everywhere privacy security

For those who don't know, https is a security protocol that shows a web page is secure.  This extension forces all website to be secure and use https encryption.  At least that's how I understand it.

7. Just Delete Me

chrome extension just delete me privacy information
This is a godsend if you're paranoid like me.  I HATE having my personal info floating around, and if I have an account on a website I no longer use, this extension helps you to delete that account so it no longer has your information.

8. LastPass Password Manager

chrome extension lastpass passwords manage encrypted
Another one I couldn't live without.  This keeps a highly encrypted list of all your passwords, and auto fills them in when you go to a website.  It is incredibly useful.

 9. Personal Blocklist

chrome extension personal blocklist easy get rid of website
This one's pretty simple.  If you do a Google search, this will give you an option for blocking a certain website from coming up in the results.  Mostly I use to to block EVERY country's version of Pinterest, because it annoys the heck out of me.

 10. PureVPN Proxy

chrome extension purevpn proxy vpn easy privacy security
Another one I use because of my paranoia!  This makes it much more difficult for people to track your location and IP address, plus more security features.  I also use their non-browser VPN service, which you can take a loot at here.  This is an affiliate link.

11. Session Buddy

chrome extension session buddy easy tabs saving
This one is super useful if you're like me and stay up way too late getting lost researching in the Google rabbit hole.  This lets you save all your tabs so you can come back to them another day.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Online Goals of 2018

I, like most people, tend to fail badly at any resolutions I make at the start of the year. It's not that I'm not committed, it's more like the resolution was half-baked in the first place. I never take the time to write anything down so I have something physical to look at as a representation of my goals.  I think if I had something like that, it would make it easier to keep those goals in mind.  That being said, here are my goals for my blog/online stuff for 2018!

1. Stream at least 3 times a week

The failure of a lot of streamers is that they don't have a schedule.  I thrive on a schedule. I like knowing I'm going to do this thing, at this time, on this day. I'm making it a goal to stream 3 times a week, and plan it out beforehand so I can update my schedule on Twitch.  My work schedule changes daily so I can only plan a week at a time, and I update my schedule accordingly. 3 is the bare minimum, but I'd like to stream 5 days a week if we're talking a perfect world here.

2. Post on Instagram and Twitter once a day, every day

I think to be a successful streamer and content creator, you have to have a strong social media presence.  It creates a window into your life and makes it easier for viewers to connect with you.  It makes you more relatable.  And we all know smart use of hashtags can expand your audience.

3. Post 3 videos a week on each channel

I have a gaming channel and a pet channel (which I'm still setting up).  I think 3 videos a week per channel is a good rate of growth and content output.  It's a little easier to create content for gaming channels because you can clip from streams and record Let's Play footage that requires not much editing.  A pet channel is more difficult. However, given my flexible work schedule I think it will be a very accomplishable task.

4. Post 2 blog posts a week

I'm been somewhat consistent with 2 blog posts a week for a little while, barring some droughts here and there.  I have a bunch of ideas drafted so mostly it's a matter of getting the thought onto the page.  The nice thing about gaming is that the scene is always changing so there's no shortage of new stuff to write about.

5. Work up to at least 30 concurrent viewers

I haven't set myself any follower goals or anything, because I believe that if you provide the content consistently and are good at networking and advertising yourself, the followers come with time and perseverance.  I would like to have at least 30 concurrent viewers in my channel, because who doesn't want that many people to talk to?

6. Open a P.O. box

This one may not be feasible this year or even next year, but it's still something to aim toward.  I'd like to open a P.O. box for people to send me letters and stuff, but that ties into the follower amount.  Why pay for an expensive P.O. box that no one's sending anything to? It provides more motivation to work hard.

7. Open a merch store

Sort of like the previous goal, may not be feasible this year, for the same reason. Still a goal.

8. Commission official channel art

All of my art is stuff I slapped together myself.  It would be nice to commission official art for my Twitch, YouTube, and socials to make it all more cohesive and "me".

9. Become Discord partner and set up my own Discord

If there's enough interest in this I'd love to make a Discord where my community and I can talk together and build camaraderie.  Of course, like the last few, again depends on if I have the sheer numbers of followers to make this a worthwhile venture.  If I work hard and dedicate myself, I'm confident that I can make this happen.

10. Join Twitch Kittens stream team

I love the Twitch Kittens community.  I know I don't qualify for the team right now, but I'd like to in the future, and I'm proud to be a Twitch Kitten.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Anime I'm Most Looking Forward to in 2018

I made my Games I'm looking Forward to in 2018 post a few days ago, so now I'm going to be looking at exciting new anime coming out in 2018!

1. FLCL 2

anime 2018 girl cat ear headphones anime flcl 2

I watched FLCL on Cartoon Network waaaay back in the day.  I'm excited for this sequel series but being that it's been so long, I'm worried it may not be as good as the original. But I shall be optimistic about it and I can't wait to see it!

2. Sword Art Online: Alicization

sword art online alicization anime 2018

It's been a while since that last season of SAO ended, so I'm ready for some fresh material.  This is a continuation of the previous season of SAO, however....

3. Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online

sword art online alternative gun gale online anime 2018 sinon kirito

I have not one SAO to look forward to this year, but TWO!  This is a retelling of the previous season.  I avoid spoilers so I have no idea what this one will be!  I'm hoping it may be more Sinon-focused since I really liked her, or maybe it will center on Asuna?  Either way, I shall surely be watching!

4. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season IV

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal season iv anime 2018 usagi chibiusa

I've been closely watching all the new Sailor Moon releases, and I've been particularly looking forward to this one since this was one of my favorite seasons of the original.  I'm interested in the differences between this and the original anime, since thus far Crystal has been truer to the manga than the original anime was.  On a similar note, I'm looking forward to the new dubs of the final 2 seasons of the original anime.

5. Ghost in the Shell Shinsaku

Ghost in the Shell Shinsaku anime 2018 motoko kusanagi

There is very little information about the upcoming Ghost in the Shell anime, except that it's 99% certain that it's actually going to happen.  I've been a long time fan of the franchise so I'm definitely looking forward to what end up coming out.

6. Yu Yu Hakusho Special

yu yu hakusho special anime 2018 boys

It was recently announced that in honor of Yu Yu Hakusho's anniversary, a new special anime would be released!  It may only be the length of a single episode, or maybe a movie.  There are very few details yet.  I've been watching YYH since I was really little so naturally I can't wait to see what this one will be!

7. Grisaia: Phantom Trigger

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger girls 2018 anime girls guns

This is one of the few anime on my list that isn't a sequel or continuation.  I'm generally a fan of the "girls with guns" genre, so it looks promising to me so far.  We'll see when it actually comes out.

8. Evangelion 3.0+1.0

Evangelion 3.0+1.0 anime 2018 asuka shinji rei mari

Weird title aside, I'm interested in this one too. I've seen the previous three Evangelion films and I'm interested in how the story ends.  I really just want everything to end happily ever after! But this is Evangelion, so that is unlikely to happen.

9. Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card

card captor sakura clear card ccs sakura li clow anime 2018

Another one from my childhood!  I just hope that when they dub it, it won't be as terrible as the dub of the first series. Like seriously, I try to go back and watch it and it's a fucking nightmare.  Even the redub from a couple years ago was terribad, and nowadays dubs are usually passable. Dubs nowadays are way better than they used to be.  It's been years since I watched CCS so I'll definitely need to brush up before watching this one.  I shall definitely be watching the original in all its subtitled glory.

10. Comic Girls

comic girls anime 2018 cute

Another one that is not a sequel.  It's basically about a group of girls who draw manga who live in a dormitory... for some reason?  I think it looks cute so I'll be giving it a look.

Images from Google. No copyright infringement intended.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Games I'm Most Looking Forward to in 2018

2018 looks to be already shaping up to be a great year for video games.  There's so many games I am looking forward to (meanwhile my wallet is crying).  I honestly shouldn't even be thinking about new games since I just picked up a metric shit ton in the Steam winter sale.  I have a serious problem.  My mental excuse for buying them is that I can play them on stream and post Let's Plays on my YouTube channel.

1. World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth

While we don't have an ETA for this expansion, it's assumed it will come out SOMETIME in 2018.  I seriously hope it does.  I'm looking forward to some Nightborne action.  I've always been disappointed that Night Elves were an Alliance race, because I am Horde For Life.  This will be a nice second to playing an actual Night Elf.

2. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

The gameplay on this game looks really fun (I'm glad it's not first-person).  The graphics look amazing and I'm excited it looks like there are some female playable characters (I don't like playing dudes for some reason).

3. Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match

I love Girls und Panzer.  I'm really excited about this game.

4. Kingdom Hearts III

I am an OG Kingdom Hearts fangirl!  We have been waiting for this game for literally years.  KH is a really special game.  Playing it after leaving it alone for even years at a time feels a lot like coming home.  For a lot of us it was the first "real" video game we played.  The feels are real!

5. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Full disclosure here, I have never played any previous games in this series.  What makes this one special, you ask?  Well it has Ruby and Weiss from RWBY!  That alone makes it comelling to me since I've been a big RWBY fan for a while.  If I like this one, I might go back and pick up a couple older ones to play.  Who knows.

6. Soulcalibur VI

I've been playing these games for a while too. I remember playing it in the arcade in the mall when I was just a youngin.  I sort of fell off the bandwagon and haven't played the last couple games, but I'd like to get back into it.

7. Them's Fightin' Herds

This was originally conceived as a My Little Pony fighting game.  Strange right?  However, it's seemed to work since it's evolved into something much cooler.  I donated to the crowdfunding campaign so I can't wait to see what the devs of this game come up with.

8. Tomb Raider 2018

No title or trailer has officially been released yet, but there is a new Tomb Raider expected to be released in 2018.  If they're smart, they'll market it with the movie.  I love Tomb Raider but I havem't played one in a very long time even though I have a bunch of them in my Steam library.  I need to get those played before I pick up this one.

9. Detroit: Become Human

This is the type of game I would typically play. I'm not generally a huge fan of darker, gritty games.  Hoever this one looks somewhat interesting to me and I'm going to at least try it.

10. Fe

Also not a game I'd usually play, but it has an interesting premise and it looks absolutely GORGEOUS.  Also, anyone else thing that the villains are a metaphor for humans destroying the forest? Juuuust a thought.

What games are you looking forward to in 2018?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What to do Post Patch 7.0.3

The patch dropped a week ago and I've been dabbling a bit.  I've been obsessively running Ahn'Qiraj for... some reason.  I don't even know why.  It's a bit of a daunting task to go through 11 characters and sort them out.  So, here's what I think should be the first priorities in sorting out your toons post-patch.

1. Bags!

patch 7.0.3 prep bags world of warcraft

Sort out your bags, pronto.  Go though all your toons and make sure to equip all your unlearned transmog items, then vendor those little fuckers.  Make sure you double check what you're vendoring the right thing.  Don't vendor your raiding staff.  Also double check all your little baubles.  Some of them were turned into toys so you may be able to learn it and vendor the extras.  Also considering your extra materials.  Someone might just buy it up and you can make space for the good stuff.

2. Character changes

patch 7.0.3 prep character changes world of warcraft

This may be easy or hard, depending on how many toons you have.  Go through each one and pick talents, rearrange macros, and redo keybinds.  A lot of shit was taken out and a lot added in, so it'll take some doing to get raid-ready again.  Make sure to check a good class resource you trust to get the lowdown on the new du-jour rotations and builds.  Also make sure to redo your bars.  No doubt there's some gaps to fill.

3. Get off your ass

There's undoubtedly some things you wanted to finish up before Legion.  Now is the time to do it, because when Legion hits you don't want to be left behind while everyone's in Suramar and you're still camping Deepholm for that stupid dragon (that'll probably be me).

4. Miscellaneous

Still looking for a good raiding guild for the next expansion?  Now's a good time to find one.  If you multiples of the same class on one realm, consider transferring them to another realm so you can diversify.  I have two druids on Zul'jin and I no longer need them both so I'll be transferring one off at some point.  Make some friends.  Join an OpenRaid group just for funsies.  Enjoy your downtime now, because on August 30, you won't have any.

(For anyone wondering, I will be updating my Resto Druid Guide.)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pre-Legion Goals Revisited

So, a while ago I did a post on my goals to get done before Legion hits.  I thought since Blizzcon is over and we have a better idea of what we're dealing with when Legion comes around, I would revisit my goals for Legion and reevaluate them as needed.

Firstly, the ones I listed before...

Old Goals

1. Level as many pets as possible to level 25.  I have somewhere in the realm of 600 pets, and maybe less than 200 are 25. I have some work to do.

I am still doing this.  I am making good progress on this goal, doing my dailies, leveling, and upgrading all of them to rare slowly but surely.  This has happened.

world of warcraft battle pets count collection

2. Obtain as many mounts as possible.  Keep my running list of mounts to get and keep doing my mount circuit every day/week on multiple alts.

Still working on this too.  I'm making slow progress and am now in the realm of 208-210 mounts, depending on which character I'm on.

3. Do legendary ring quests on my alts.  This is just for giggles.  I'd like to maybe keep one alt on each part of the quest and keep em moving like a train.

I give up!  I may yet grind it out on my main but besides that I find that I just don't care that much.

4. Find a guild I fit better in for Legion raiding.

Working on it...

5. Acquire Draenor Pathfinder achievement.


6. Finish up Loremaster achievement.  All I need is Draenor Nagrand and Vash'jir.


7. Do any achievements I can reasonably do.  This includes the raiding achievements I don't have yet, which is most of them.

Not really doing this much, but if I happen upon an achievement, then yay.

8. Deck out all my alts in hexweave bags.


9. Level all my alts to 100.  This will be easy since all my alts are at least level 95.


10.  Get all Draenor reps to exalted on my mage, then get working on all the older reps I don't have yet.  My mage is my rep toon that I like to do all my reps on.

I'm almost done getting reps to exalted on my druid.  I think I may retire my mage as my rep toon since she isn't my main anymore so there's not much point in grinding reps on her and my druid.

New Goals

1. Get all the transmog

Collect as much transmog as possible.  Since we get the awesome new transmog system I won't be hoarding it for long.  Thus far I've been collecting sets listed on WoWhead because I'm not that creative but maybe I can have more creativity when it comes to my transmogs.  There are great blogs that do transmogs, like Kamalia et Alia and Bubbles of Mischief.

2. Moose

Complete Heroic or Mythic Archimonde and acquire the Special Moose of Specialness.  My ilv is thus far 700 and I don't know if I will manage to get into a raid group doing it or maybe go the #FriendshipMoose route.

3. Tanaan Pet Battles

I want to defeat all of the wild Tanaan legendary pets.  I haven't done a single one.  How awful is that?

So I will continue to work on the old goals I haven't accomplished, and also my new ones.  What are the things you want to get done before the Legion invades?

#IntPiPoMo 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Systems

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1. Artifacts

blizzcon 2015 legion artifact progression

It appears that artifact weapons might have special abilities?  The example was the affliction warlock weapon, the Deadwind Harvester, which is a soulstealing weapon.  That means attacks cause you to do increased damage for a time.  So I'm wondering if all the weapons will have flavor abilities like that.

You upgrade your item using Artifact Power, which can be gained through multiple means.  These include bosses, PVP, rare items you loot, and rare spawns.  I'm wondering if there is a cap, or is it unlimited?  I like the ability trees that the weapons have, it's like in the shape of the weapon and vaguely reminds me of the web of abilities you can give party characters in Final Fantasy X.  I'm also wondering if the tree you've created is linked to the weapon itself or your spec.  If you switch to a different spec, maybe you have the same spec but a different version for PVE and PVP, can you have different weapon trees for each spec or is it locked regardless of spec?

You can socket Relics into your weapon to increase its base abilities.  I'm curious if there's a limit to how many you can use or if you could like upgrade 1 ability 100 times and it's perfectly fine.  I can really see people who farm more being able to stomp over people who play less and haven't gotten as many relics.

2. Class Halls

blizzcon 2015 dreamgrover legion world of warcraft

Ok, I really want the druid class hall to be in a giant tree.  Just throwing that out there.

Of course, 5 minutes later we get... The Dreamgrove.  Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous, but I was really hoping for a giant tree.  Maybe it has a giant tree.

blizzcon 2015 legion class champions world of warcraft

Class Halls will have Class Champions in it, which I think is a really neat idea.  We've been meeting and bonding with these characters and now we can work alongside them in a way we haven't before.  Class Champions I am hoping for for druids are maybe Aviana, Cenarius, Malorne, Malfurion, Hamuul Runetotem, Choluna, Theresa Barkskin, Morthis Whisperwing, Thisalee Crow, Keeper Taldros, Arthron Windsong, or Rayne Feathersong.

blizzcon 2015 class features legion world of warcraft

There will be events in your class hall.  And I feel like I called it because that guy in the bottom picture looks like Taldros.  Finally we are getting armor stands to show off old tier sets, which people in the transmog community have been calling for forever.  Druid get something called a Dreamway which I guess is some sort of portal to other natural places in the world.  So if you wanna go on a nature sightseeing adventure I guess that's where it's at.  Warriors get a sparring arena which sounds pretty dope.  Every class get a 'Death Gate' ability to portal to their class hall and then return to where they were, which sounds awesome.

3. Demon Hunters

blizzcon 2015 demon hunters legion world of warcraft

They talked a bit about Demon Hunters but didn't really say anything they didn't say before.  To me, they just look like melee warlocks.  I'm interested in what they do with them but right now I'm not so excited.  I am, however, excited to create one because they look super badass.

I wish they'd somehow managed to come up with a second spec.  Maybe something that has the glaives, but maybe they float in the air and you attack from a distance with a glaives by controlling them telekinetically?  If anyone's seen RWBY, think how Penny controls her knives but on a bigger scale.  (On a different note, Blogger wants to replace 'glaives' with 'laxatives'.  Sure, why not.)

4. Classes

I'm glad they're simplifying the class abilities.  They're doing away with the majority of the charges, runes, and all that crap.  I think that should make it much easier to play the classes.  Especially for me, because I don't really play melee much so not having to worry about runes and stuff will make it easier on me.

I enjoy the class fantasy aspect of the game.  As my druid, I am a nurturing healer, fixing you with the power of leaves.  As my mage, I am a scholar seeking the secrets of the universe.

I like what they've done to disc priests, by making Atonement their primary mechanic.  Right now you can be Atonement but you don't have to, but now they'll be just Atonement healers which I think is great to distinguish them from Holy.

I don't have a rogue but the ninja fantasy they're going for with the Subtlety rogue kinda makes me want to play one.  I might use my boost on a rogue.

Basically, Demonology warlocks are gonna be MOAR DEMONS.  I think that sounds so exciting, to just send out a horde of demons to gank someone.  If anyone has played City of Villains, I'm thinking that the new demo warlock should be something like a Mastermind and you just have your own mini army.

As far as the changes to Guardian Druids, I don't really care.  Dodge, health, it's all fine and dandy.  Everything is bears.

I don't play a shadow priest, but the new class fantasy for them with the Old Gods and Insanity does sound really cool. I may have to fire up my old priest and give that a whirl.

They are revamping talent trees again and making new talents and taking old ones out.  I'm interested to see what they do but it's not something I'm really hyped about yet.

5. Professions

blizzcon 2015 legion professions world of warcraft

They are making changes to professions, and trying to make them more immersive.  I think that's a fine idea but I'll have to see how they implement it.  Most people don't like what they did for professions in Warlords, but I really like how they streamlined it all.  I don't want it to be a big ordeal.  Professions get their own big storyline, but what about alts?  I don't want to do the same questline on every one of my Enchanters.  Come on now.

I feel like the shared nodes thing is really going to tank markets for ore and herbs.  Prices will be dirt low.  Part of the fun of gathering is the competition!  Of course, being a druid, I'm usually the jackass bat swooping down and stealing someone's flower, but still...

Recipe Ranks are... interesting.  But I kind of like just learning one recipe and that's that.  I don't want it to be all complicated.  Also, I think this may screw up markets as well.  Only the people who have learned the final tier of a recipe will be able to sell their stuff, except people buying stuff for alts of course.

blizzcon 2015 legion professions recipe ranks world of warcraft

However, I am loving what they did to the UI.  It was a much needed change.  Now you won't need addons to see what stuff you don't know because it's just right there.

The Obliterum mechanic sounds like a good idea.  Something different to do with the 10 rings you made before you go the one  you wanted, plus you can upgrade gear and maybe make it last a little longer.

I think the Vantus runes sound cool.  Say your raid group is having a real shit time on a particular boss, well you can just bring a rune to the fight and maybe that will give you the edge you need to get that kill.  I think that will help out a lot of groups with their progression.

Aww, Nomi's all growed up, guys.  That's a really cute flavor thing that sort of ties the expansions together.  We were in Pandaria.  We did something there and now we're somewhere else but there's someone who remembers us being there.  You know?

My druid is a vegetarian!  Can I get some tofu bacon?

Haha fishing.  He was so accurate when he said fishing is about what you're gonna watch on your second monitor.  I always either listen to a podcast or watch Netflix while I fish.

6. Items

blizzcon 2015 legendaries world of warcraft legion

Legendaries will be dropping in Legion, apparently as random world drops.  Remember in the Incredible where the bad guy says something along the lines of, "When everyone's super, no one will be."?  Yeah I feel like that.  When everyone's running around with a legendary, will they be legendary anymore, or just an ugly shade of orange.  At least it used to be a SPECIAL ugly shade of orange.

Duplicate personal loot can be traded now.  Thank GOODNESS.  I swear I'll save my rolls for just 1 boss, roll on it, and they the same pair of bracers for the 10th time and it makes me want to punch babies.  At least now someone can use it instead of just DEing it.  (Another note:  you know you play too much WoW when you are sorting things to recycle and in your head you think disenchant instead of recycle...  Yes, I do this.  I'm disenchanting a pile of cardboard.)

blizzcon 2015 transmog ui legion world of warcraft

TRANSMOG GUYS.  I am so glad they are changing this.  It's great for us fashionistas but us collectors are dying.  Now you just save the look and toss it.  I'd love it if they added a way to sort by color and style, or create your own categories.  They could really go far with this.  I'm glad the UI shows how the item actually looks on your character instead of just the item's icon because that could get very confusing very fast if you have a big collection.  They are retconning every item you've ever gotten from a quest and giving it to you automatically when you log into Legion.  I... what?  You can do this?  They are really going above and beyond to fix the transmog system.  In addition, every item you have in your bags, bank, and Void Storage automatically gets added to your collection.  With no clothes, my void storage will be empty.  And thank Cenarius, we can hide our shoulder now.  Halle-fucking-luja.

THE TABARD CLOSET HOLY SHIT.  I have a collection of tabards on my mage, so... Blizzard, you are my bae.  Will we also get tabards retroactively that we may have earned but deleted?  I hope so.

I am really excited about some features and iffy about others, but it's looking really promising right now.

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I almost feel like I cheated because Blizzcon was a goldmine.