Surrender to My Will

Or, What I Think of Moira’s Addition to Overwatch

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skin
We’ve had plenty of time now to play around with Moira.  Some people love her, some people hate her.  Personally I love her.

Moira is versatile and powerful.  She can function as a healer or as a DPS.  I think she does best as a secondary healer to a more powerful main healer, like Mercy.  She seems to function best as the team’s floater, filling in where needed.  Neither aspect of her is a powerful as, say, a character dedicated to that particular role, but she is no slouch.  I like being able to pick whether I want to send out a damaging ball or a healing ball.  That her healing is directly tied to how much she is able DPS tether someone is an interesting mechanic, though it does get annoying if you’re the kind of person who prefers to stay farther back.  It can be hard to do enough damage to recharge your heal beam.

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skinCan I just say though that I like the noises her balls make?  The DPS ball makes a sort of goopy noise, and the heal ball makes a sort of bing noise.  If you’ve played her, you know what I mean.  I like to send off a bunch of balls in the base area before the doors open at the beginning of the match, and I just giggle to myself.

Moira also has an interesting look.  She is not the overtly sexualized female character you see in video games.  She has a much more androgynous look, not unlike David Bowie.  She has a very strong face and short hair, paired with a smaller chest.  I like the diversity of this game’s female characters.  You have your Widowmaker, who is literally all ass with her tits practically showing.  And that’s okay.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  You also have your Mei, who is heavier-set but no less compelling.  And you have Moira, who is more masculine looking.  The diversity is great.  There is no standard big ass big chest look that all the women conform to.  They seem more like real women.  (Not that a woman who does have a big ass and chest is somehow worse, it’s just that not all women look like that.)
guide opinion playstyle skin

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skinI have found a playstyle that usually works as Moira.  I generally like to hang back behind my team.  I send out damaging balls first to whittle down the enemy some.  As my team charges in, I make sure I have a meat shield and start spamming my damagers, offhealing as needed.  If you are the main healer, you will need to concentrate more on heal balls and keeping the team topped up.  Only damage as much as you need to recharge your healing.  Also stay back more, because the enemy team will target you if you are the main healer.  Only get close to the enemy team if you have the rest of your team to shield you.  As far as Moira’s ult, it doesn’t really do that much damage unless you are under the effects of Orisa’s Supercharger or Mercy’s damage output buff, or if the enemy is Discorded by a Zenyatta.  If none of those are true, then it’s best to just use it to heal your team.  It’s wasted otherwise.  Moira seems to be better at defense than attack.  I wouldn’t play her on an attack map.  I at least seem to do better when I can park her in a general area that is somewhat protected and throw balls out, emerging when needed to heal.
overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skin
It can be very difficult to angle Moira’s balls the right way.  You have to angle them just right or they will bounce right in the opposite direction of where you want them to go.  I suggest going into a training match and getting a feel for how the balls angle themselves.  In the beginning it’s really difficult to get them to go where you want them to.  It almost feels like you wasted a ball because it turned in a bad direction.  If you want to throw out a healy ball, I would try pointing it somewhere it will bounce in a small space, like between two walls, so it won’t bounce away from the people who actually need it.  It takes practice.

Can we talk about Moira’s outfits for a second?  She has such cool outfits.  I really like her whole aesthetic.  You can really tell from what she says and how she carries herself that yes, she is better than everyone else, and no, she is not afraid to show it.  She has SUCH an acidic personality, and I love it.

All of this is stuff I learned from playing Moira coupled with my own playstyle in general.  Some people may have other ways of playing her that work for them, and I’m sure the way I do it is definitely not the best way.  Watch YouTube videos and streams of people playing her.  Take her for a spin in quick play.  Find the way that suits you best.  Or she may not be the character for you.  That’s okay too. I love playing Widowmaker even though my aim is shit.  Just play what you think is fun.

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