Sylvanas, Teldrassil, and the Horde

“The worst thing about killing all these night elves, is having to skin the little bastards afterwards.”

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A lot of people on the World of Warcraft community have strong feelings about Sylvanas’s recent actions, namely the burning of Teldrassil and the conquest of Darkshore. A lot of the dissenting voices are Alliance players, but there’s also a lot of players who disagree with Sylvanas too. They say this isn’t their Horde anymore.

And really, it’s not. It’s Sylvanas’s Horde.

Sylvanas’s reasoning for the siege of Darkshore and Teldrassil is that she wants to take control of the Azerite supply before Anduin can, because she believes he will use it to make siege weapons to use against the Horde. I call bullshit on that. She knows he’s a pussy. He wouldn’t do that.

Sylvanas has some other ulterior motive. She’s getting something else out of this. She could be just war-hungry and want to spill all the blood she can, but I feel like there’s something else she wants. Maybe we’ll find out what that is. Maybe it’s that she doesn’t trust anyone like her – the living dead. Maybe her end-game is to turn everyone into Forsaken. Maybe she went after the Night Elves first because they’re all about life and the Dream and ponies and all that shit.

I think the Old Soldier cinematic, plus Sylvanas’s somewhat crazy actions are setting us up for yet another Warchief: Saurfang. He’s the most reasonable one in all this madness. He still has a conscience, and he’s questioning the honor of Sylvanas’s actions. I think by the end of Battle For Azeroth, Sylvnas may have met her final death. It sure seems like that’s where this is going. This is disappointing because I really love Sylvanas, but in a way she has come full circle. She’s become the thing that she fought against in life: the Lich King.

I enjoyed the Battle for Lordaeron scenario, but I don’t think I want to do it on any other characters. I’m the type of person who prefers to just do something once. Did anyone else notice that the Undercity looked so much better, like the upgraded the graphics for the scenario? Kinda makes me salty. It looks all pretty and we’ll probably never see it again. I also did an internal cheer when they started hurling the blight at the Alliance. At first I was a little concerned, but then I saw they were handing out gas masks and I felt better. I was like “YEAH GIVE EM THE BLIGHT. EAT IT MOTHERFUCKERS”. Then stupid Jaina had to come in and ruin the fun with her big giant boat (which was kinda cool, I won’t lie). It was also cool when Sylvanas raised the dead skeletons from the ground. I was like “Wait is Sylvanas a death knight now?” I think Sylvanas planned to blow Lordaeron and blight it up from the beginning. She has an angle. She knew she couldn’t keep the city from the jump. I just wonder how she’s going to turn it to her advantage.

I’m also not sure of Sylvanas’s assertion that killing Malfurion will break the night elves’ spirits and force them to submit. I feel like that would only make them fight harder. I think that in the war against the Legion, Sylvanas was a brilliant general. But she just doesn’t know how to function when there’s peace. She still think there’s some sort of war, and if there isn’t then she wants to start one.

Which to be honest I don’t have much of a problem with. I love Sylvanas and I always have. As a druid, I’m a pretty big fan of trees, but if Sylvanas tells me to burn this shit down, it’s gonna burn. I follow my Warchief.


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