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Tamako Market is a cute little anime I recently got into.  I love slice-of-life style shows that don’t have an epic villain to battle or some huge problem that the story centers around.  Just characters living their, obviously more interesting than mine, lives.  Tamako Market is a great example of that.

Tamako Market is about Tamako, a young girl who lives in her family’s mochi shop, in a shopping district.  Tamako is all about mochi.  One day, she discovers a talking bird in her flowers and she feeds him a lot of mochi and he gets so fat he can’t fly away so he lives with her.  There is also Tamako’s family, including her easygoing grandpa, uppity dad, and her little sister Anko.  The story also revolves around the various denizens of the shopping district, Tamako’s school friends, and some charcters from the place Dera, the bird, is from.

The beauty of Tamako Market’s plot is that it doesn’t really have one.  The episodes revolve around the characters’ everyday lives, like building a haunted house or how terrible Tamako is a baton club.  Watching this anime really makes me want to go back to middle school.  There ARE, however a few plot points the anime hits.  The first is that Dera is searching for a bride for the prince of his home country.  There is also a subtle romance plotline, but we don’t really get into that until the movie, Tamako Love Story.  There is some comedy in this show, but mostly is stems from cultural differences between Japan and where Dera is from.  Like Dera assumes that any female who sneezes on him is proclaiming their love, because apparently that’s what it means where he’s from.  Tamako’s ineptitude is also pretty funny.

Tamako Market anime review Dera butt
It’s not what you think it is…

The animation in this show is absolutely adorable.  The characters are very detailed, down to the wispy hair jutting from Tamako’s adorable head.  The environment is incredibly detailed and each character is distinct.  I love how adorable the clothes that the kids wear in this show are.  Tamako is so at home in a fuzzy sweater.

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Tamako Market’s opening is absolutely adorable.  It maintains the strong animation, showcases all the important characters and gives you a feel for how fun and lighthearted the anime is.  It is sooooo cute.  The song itself isn’t anything special but it is cute.

The ending themse is a bit slower and more introspective, but also a little boring.  It’s more emotional than the opening and has sort of an artistic silliness to it.  I like the actual song better than the opening song.  It’s more mellow and not as in your face.

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