The Best Things About Fall and Winter

I LOVE it when it starts to get cold.  I prefer to be cold, since I get sick when I’m too hot.  October weather is my favorite weather, and that’s not just because my birthday is in October.  In celebration of my favorite season, I’m going to list some of my favorite things about it (in no particular order),

1. Fuzzy clothes

fuzzy pajama pants winter
I have this exact one. 🙂

I love fuzzy clothes.  I will go to bed in fuzzy jammies, a sweater, and fuzzy socks, and be all toasty warm (but not too warm!).  It makes me feel so calm and secure to be surrounded in fuzz.

2. Hot chocolate

winter hot chocolate

I swear the gas station down the street has the best hot chocolate in the WORLD.  When it’s chilly I don’t get too hot from drinking it and it warms me up nicely.  It tastes like an orgasm in a cup.

3. Not getting shit for staying indoors

destiny taken king bundle
Hint hint.  I just bought this today. Watch for a review coming soon.

I am an indoor girl.  People will tell me to go outside and do something active and I just play my video games inside, in my room, and people kinda wonder about me…  But when it’s cold out, I have an excuse to stay inside so I don’t get as much shit about it.

4. My birthday

birthday dog

My birthday is October 17 so I love when fall rolls around because my birthday is not too far away.  I’m 23 now so I don’t get a lot of presents or a party or anything like when I was little, but this year my mom got me an ice cream cake and my grandparents and great aunt sent me cards with money in them.  Not that money is the most important thing, but it is a nice perk.

5. Halloween


I have a confession, guys.  I still trick-or-treat.  I’m short enough to pass for a young teenager, and if I wear a mask and don’t wear something too slutty that shows my boobs no one knows the difference.  People tell me to just buy candy, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT.  Only other kids and kids at heart get it.

6. Family time

griffin family family guy
My kinda family.

Most gatherings of my family, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, are in fall and winter.  I have a big extended family that I don’t get to see very often so when we gather during the holidays, I cherish that time.  I used to hate it when I was little but I appreciate it now.

7. Fuzzy boots

winter fuzzy boots

Yes, I already mentioned fuzzy stuff.  But fuzzy boots are special.  I can just slip them on and they’re comfy and I don’t have to go through the trouble of lacing sneakers.  Fuzzy boots are bae.

8. Moneys

money heart

At the particular place I work, we get holiday bonuses.  I’m only part-time so I don’t make a whole lot to begin with so the extra money is a big help.

What things do you guys like about this time of the year?

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