The Rebirth of Blaugust 2018


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Way back in 2015, I participated in Blaugust. I posted once a day for the entire month, and got a shiny badge for my blog’s sidebar (which is now gone). I was disappointed when there wasn’t a Blaugust last year, but this year they’re bringing it back! I’m participating as a Mentor this year and I’m very excited about it. It’s a great way to discover new blogs, network, make friends, and be part of the wider gaming blog community.

Here is the post with Blaugust 2018 details on Tales of the Aggronaut (ran by Belghast).

The Blaugust Discord.

List of Participating Blogs (so far):

Deez Wurds
Gamer Girl Confessions
Geek to Geek
Calamity Jess
Barely Readable Diary
Contains Moderate Peril
Gray’s Cozy Nook
Mail Valtar
Unidentified Signal Source
Armagon Live
The Parent Trope
Aeternus Gaming
Running Shoes
JVT Workshop
Me vs Myself And I
Bio Break
Shards of Imagination
The Ancient Gaming Noob
The Dadbod
Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Aywren Sojourner
Princess in a Castle
Diary of a Guild Leader
The MMOist
Ocarine Farms
Going Commando
A Hobbit’s Journey
Geek Fitness

Here’s a spreadsheet with a list of participants and their blogs.

I look forward to meeting everyone and I encourage everyone to join in the fun!

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