The Risks of Being Unsociable

I’m not a particularly social person.  I tend to keep to myself, in real life and in Azeroth.  The only time I interact with people the majority of the time is while raiding with my guild, which I tend to avoid because I’m not very happy with the raiding situation in my guild, but I do sometimes raid with them.  When I do, I always enjoy the banter and conversation.  They’re good people, just… not good raiders.

I rarely talk in dungeons or LFR groups.  I just stay quiet and let things happen, and this late in the Blackrock Foundry, most people thankfully seem to have a fair grasp on mechanics so I don’t have to rage at anyone.  It’s always the quiet ones with pent-up anger.

I enjoy doing things by myself and avoid voice chat like the plague.  I like watching TV or YouTube or listening to podcasts while I play.  Everything is so automatic now that it doesn’t really affect my ability to pay attention to both tasks.  If I do group with people, it is usually for simple things like doing dailies or taking of an NPC in someone’s garrison.

Sometimes I wish I was better at making friends, but that’s just not who I am.  My inability to make friends is in real life and WoW.  I’ve tried to get some of the few people I know into WoW so I can get some RAF rewards, but no dice so far.  Everyone who has a vague interest in gaming already played WoW and has since quit and has no interest in coming back.  I think that’s a risk you run with a game this old, but it has aged pretty gracefully.  I looks good for its age.  People who can’t get people to try WoW usually buy the Battle Chest when it goes on sale and use it to RAF people, but even though it’s so cheap, I can’t justify the expense right now.  Maybe around Christmas I’ll pick up a few battle chests so I can get the mounts.  I’m about 5 or 6 mounts away from 200, and I know there’s another 50 after that for the next achievement.  It’s so daunting.  And I’ve never had very good luck with rare drop mounts.

So I suppose I’ll keep doing my solo play, and run old instances trying to pick up those stubborn rare drop mounts.  Wish me luck.

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