Wailing Caverns Pet Battle Challenge Guide

I finally got around to doing the new pet battle challenge dungeons, so I thought I’d do a little write-up of how, even if it’s really late.  I have a LOT of pet so I have a lot to choose from, but for someone with a smaller collection, this may be quite difficult.  I’ll give my recommendations for pets in each section.

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Pet Addons

Stage 1. Deviate Trash

Deviate Chomper
Deviate Smallclaw
Deviate Flapper

These are all white quality and go down easily.  For these guys, I used a Hydraling, Arcane Eye, and Jade Owl.  I just switched them to the front based on which enemy was the frontline pet.  The Hydraling is best against the Smallclaw, The Jade Owl is best against the Chomper, and the Arcane Eye is best against the Flapper.  They were easy fights.  If one of your pets die, just switch in something similar.

Stage 2. Son of Skum

This fight is also pretty easy.  Just choose a few mechanicals with good high-damage abilities like Ion Cannon, Launch Rocket, or Shock and Awe.  He goes down pretty fast.  If you don’t have many mechanicals, and you will need them later, maybe only have your mech in your top slot and have filler pets in the back slots so you’re not burning your mechs too early.

Stage 3. Snakes


These guys are all elites so they take 50% reduced damage.  They are all beast types, so that’s why you want most of your mechs for this stage.  For Phyxia, I nearly soloed them all with a Darkmoon Zeppelin, then one hit from an Enchanted Broom finished them off.  I like to put a pet with Decoy in the front line for each fight so I can make the pet last a bit longer.  For Dreadcoil, I just switched in an Alarm-O-Bot in my first slot since my other two pets were fine.  For Vilefang, I switched in a Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar into the first slot to replace my dead pet.

Stage 4. Hiss

Oh hey, another snake.  I used a Menagerie Custodian in my top slot and opened with Shock and Awe, burned him down with Zap, and hit him with Ion Cannon when he got low enough for it to kill him, or if your pet is about to die anyways. Keep in mind that he cannot be dealt more than 35% of his health in one shot, and he takes 50% less damage since he’s elite.  Just burn most of him down with your first pet and clean up after it dies.

Stage 5. Growing Ectoplasm

I recommend having two Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings for this fight because they’re really just that good.  If you only have one, or none at all, you can get by using a few dragons, preferably with healing abilities.  I used Crimson Whelpling and Spawn of Onyxia for my backline pets, and just switched in a second Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling for the second fight.  A similar Dragonkin will work as a first pet if you don’t have enough Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings.
Stage 6. Budding Everliving Spore

This guy can be a pain because he will whittle down your backline pets with AoE damage, so when you get him down all your pets die anyway before you can get his backline down.  What I did was use two pets with the Rip + Blood in the Water combo (I used Chuck and Toothy), then I used a mechanical pet in my third slot to make it easier to take down his Beast type backline quickly.  Just Rip, Blood in the Water, and Surge when those are on cooldown.  My first pet was only at half health by the time I got the Everliving Spore down, so this isn’t too much trouble at all.

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