Wailing Halls Guide for Restoration Druids

As always, keep in mind this is not a comprehensive guide.  It contains information pertinent to healers.  I have linked complete boss guides below.

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Demonic Inquisition
Demonic Inquisition boss guide restoration druid resto tomb of sargeras
Here you’ll be fighting two big uglies: Belac and Atrigan.  I recommend taking Flourish, Cultivation, Displacer Beast, and Inner Peace.  People won’t be stacked very tightly and you’ll always be moving.  This fight has a mechanic called Torment, which you will gain over the course of the fight as you take damage.  Much of the damage that inflicts it is avoidable, so be smart.

Once you reach about 70 Torment, click your extra action button and you will be transported to a different room where orbs will appear.  When you collect them, your Torment stacks will drop and once it reaches 0 you can click your button again to go back out.  Make sure you don’t overlap healers going into the room.  Call out when you are going in and coming back, because you do not want all your healers inside and no one outside healing the raid.

Echoing Anguish will be cast on a few players, giving them a debuff which must be dispelled off.  When you dispel it, it causes an AoE.  Wait for the player to get clear of everyone else and have them call out when they are ready to be dispelled.  If they are at low health, top them up before you dispel them because it will cause damage.  Atrigan will cast Bone Saw, a deadly AoE that you can’t really miss because he’s literally spinning around.  Avoid being near him while he does this as it can one-shot you.

On Heroic, each boss gains an extra ability.  Atrigan gains Calcified Quills.  This sends a wave of spikes at you coming up from the ground.  If you are targeted with this, try to position yourself so this will hit as few other players as possible.  Belac gains the Suffocating Dark ability, which will drop a purple void zone below a few random players.  Get out of this as soon as possible.  This is a great time to use Displacer Beast, as standing in this will cauase you to gain stacks of Torment very quickly and reduce your movement speed, as well as damage you.

2. Sisters of the Moon
Sisters of the Moon boss guide restoration druid tomb of sargeras resto
In this fight, there are three ghost elf sisters.  You will only fight one of them at a time, but toward the end all of their abilities will be a problem.  Talents I recommend are Cultivation, Flourish, and Inner Peace. Displacer Beast will also be useful.  The floor of the fight area is a giant moon that will gradually shift from light to dark.  The longer you stand in one side, you will get stacks that make you take more damage.  To drop the stacks you just go stand in a different side of the floor.  On Normal it isn’t really necessary to watch you stacks that carefully.  I’ve gone to 15+ of either one with no problems.  You should probably clear your stacks before you hit 20 though.  On Heroic you should not go over 10 stacks, clear at around 7 or so.

If you are targeted by Twilight Glaive, move away from other players.  There is a big red arrow showing where the glaive is going to come at you.  If you get Moon Burn, move to the other side of the moon to drop the debuff.  If there is no spot where the moon is the opposite color, you need to wait until it is.  The bosses will drop a Volley at random players, basically an AoE attack.  You need to get out of it as soon as possible.  It’s a small AoE so I don’t think Dash or Displacer Beast are necessary.  Toward the end of the fight there will be Volleys everywhere and you may need to Displacer Beast past a few of the to get to a safe spot.

The end is where the most damage goes out.  A player will also be marked with Incorporeal Shot, which shows a clear red beam from the boss to the player.  Other players will need to stand in it to share the damage.  Do NOT stand in purple beams.  These are bad.  When the bird Moontalon is out, the DPS will have to burn it down because it casts an ability that causes stacking damage.  It can hurt very badly so keep that in mind so you’re ready to do more healing while the bird is up.

The worst mechanic in my opinion is Embrace of the Eclipse.  It puts a shield on the boss which the DPS will need to burn down, but also puts shields on random players, and if the shield isn’t healed through the ENTIRE raid will explode and insta-wipe.  Instead of expending mana to heal through the shields, the best way to avoid this ability is for everyone to stand 8 yards apart, and the shields will explode nearly harmlessly.  If your raid has a lot of people and there is no room for everyone to stand 8 yards apart… you might actually be screwed if you can’t heal through the shield.  One of the bosses will cast Glaive Storm, where she launches one glaive and it will break into 3 smaller ones, which cause moderate damage.  You can avoid them, just pay attention to what direction they’re going.

3. The Desolate Host
The Desolate Host boss guide restoration druid resto tomb of sargeras

This fight is split into two halves: half the raid in the spirit realm (which can be accessed by clicking one of the blue braziers on the outside of the room) and the physical realm.  You can safely move between them, except on Mythic.  Talents I recommend are Displacer Beast, Cultivation, Flourish, and Spring Blossoms.  Since the raid is divided and your side will generally be somewhat stacked, you won’t get as much out of Tranquility so Inner Peace will not be very useful.  Those in the spiritual realm deal with Soul Queen Dejahna.

The ability Wailing Souls deals raidwide damage so you may want to save your big heals for that (such as HoTing people up and then casting Flourish + Essence of G’hanir).  Avoid the green goo that the adds leave on the ground when they die. It hurts.  Your tank may want you to stack for the add phase so they can be AoEd down.  Dispel the Spirit Chains debuff as soon as you can.  Those in the physical realm will deal with the Engine of Souls, which shares a health pool with Soul Queen.  The Engine will cast Tormented Cries, which drops purple shadow crap on the floor.  Drop it on the rightmost edge of the room, and just move a teensy bit out of the first one so the next will drop right next to it.  If you get wedged between the goo, you can safely Displacer Beast past it.  However, make sure you stay on YOUR side of the room.  Don’t go onto the other group’s side because it causes Dissonance damage.

Be careful when the Reanimated Templar casts Rupturing Slam.  It will knock you back and can knock you off the edge of the platform to your death.  It looks like a wave of green on the floor.  Both sides need to be watch for Soulbind.  Two players on opposite sides will get linked with a debuff that does damage and will only go away when they are within 5 yards of each other.  Your raid leader will likely lay down a marker for the Soulbind targets to go where it will not trigger and damage for anyone else and you can drop the debuff safely.

At 30%, the Engine will drop the Desolate Host into the raid.  The Desolate Host does a large attack that affects both sides.  On the corporeal side, it is called Sundering Doom.  You need to go into the circle and stack on the tank so the damage is split.  Then you must run back out because next the Host casts another attack called Doomed Sundering, which is the same thing but only for the spiritual realm.  If you are in it while casts it, you will likely die.  It’s like musical chairs: you move out then move in, and the other realm does the opposite.  Your raid leader will probably call it out until you learn it on your own.

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