Warcraft Pets in Real Life

One of the most fun parts of World of Warcraft, for me anyways, is collecting pets. I have a very large pet collection and I’m always on the lookout for more. I have a big pet collection in real life as well, just maybe not quite so big. There are so many cool pets in World of Warcraft. What if you could have one in real life?
The Warcraft battle pet, Shadow.
If I could pick just one World of Warcraft pet to have in real life, I think I would pick Shadow. He’s such a cutie. Reasons I’d pick Shadow:

1. He’s a fox. It would be so cool to have a pet fox. In fact, some people DO have pet foxes. I don’t think that’s legal in my state though, plus they’re expensive and you have to pay extra attention to them and train them very well. I’ve always wanted a pet fox. It’s the ears!

2. He likes to cuddle. I also like to cuddle. I’ll cuddle with him on a pile of gnome corpses.

3. He’s purple. At least some of the time. The other part of the time he looks similar to a fennec fox, which is still awesome coloring. I still like the purple best though.

4. He glows. He has glowy bits on him. I’d never stumble around in the dark again.

5. He’s hyper. I love hyper pets because they’re never boring.

I think a close second would be Lil’ Tarecgosa, because I love the way she looks, I loved the story behind the pet, and I’d teach her to set people on fire when I said ‘Dracarys’.

What pet would YOU pick?

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