What Class Do you REFUSE to Play?

In video games, and MMOs in particular, we have certain common archetypes to assign our characters. We can be a tank, a ranged DPS, a melee DPS, or some type of healer. Every game puts their own spin in it, but the archetypes are there. But I think most of us have that one type of class we flat out REFUSE to play.

Maybe we just prefer to be far away from the action, or we like to be up close. Maybe you like calling the shots so you play a tank.

Maybe you’re nurturing so you play a healer. OR maybe you play a healer because you like having peoples’ lives in your hands and enjoy letting someone you don’t like die. Whatever the case, we have our favorites and our least favorites.

For me, the class I REFUSE to play is melee DPS. I’m just not good at it. My positioning is always wrong. I always die. It’s just not a good time for me. Besides, I much prefer to ranged DPS or heal. I’ve been to tank every once in a while too. I like tanking better than melee DPS because all I have to do is taunt and use basic attacks. I don’t need to worry about a perfect rotation.I just press buttons and my raid wins for me.

In my main game World of Warcraft, this translates to me never playing a rogue. I’ve tried, guys. I just hated it. I also tried warrior, and I also hated it. I tried tanking too. Warriors as a class I’m just not a fan of personally. It just never vibed with me, and that’s okay. The beauty of an MMO is that you have plenty to choose from and there’s usually always someone out there to fill that other role.

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