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Blizzard announced the new expansion at Gamescom on August 6.  Just the other day I was telling a guildie that I was hoping for a nelf expansion… and I got exactly what I fucking wanted.  I am STOKED, GUYS.

gamescom blizzard world of warcraft val'sharah

The new zones look spectacular, especially the nelf-y zones, because I really love their architecture and aesthetic.  My favorite race is night elf, even though I play Horde.  I also said I’d like a Sylvanas expansion (my life for the Dark Lady), and supposedly she will be an important character in the expansion.

gamescom blizzard world of warcraft demon hunter

The new demon hunter class looks super awesome.  I don’t play melee at all except tanks but I will definitely need to give these a spin.  The tattoos look awesome and the weapons look so Illidan-y.

gamescom blizzard world of warcraft legion ashamane druid

Even though I don’t play melee, I am also looking forward to the new forms for the druid cat form related to their new class weapon.  Also, CLASS WEAPONS WTF.  That is going to be so cool.  They’re customizable.  I love things customizeable.  I am so looking forward to the resto druid one because that’s what I main.

gamescom blizzard world of warcraft order halls preview

But I don’t recall if weapons show up in tree form.  Will they have some sort of epic tree form?  But not everyone is talented into tree form.  And what about the cat form one?  What if you’re talented into looking like a Saberon?  I suppose they’ll answer those questions.  Class halls are also something I’m looking forward to.

All in all, this new expansion is looking very promising.  I so need a break from orcs.Pics from Wowhead.

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