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This is going to be my recap post of the Legion panel, just the stuff that jumps out at me and I have commentary on.

1. The Broken Shore

blizzcon 2015 legion content overview broken shore

So instead of the questing in the new starting area like we’ve done in the past, the Broken Shore is going to be a 40-person scenario, with two teams of 20 split Alliance and Horde, working together.  This sounds a little weird to me, but it IS an interesting idea.  I feel like the queue times are going to be horrendous.

2. Demon Hunters

So these guys will start at level 98, and go through their starting zone.  They are going with Illidan on a mission to Mardum to retrieve the Sargerei Keystone from Sargeras’s most loyal demons.  It is a planet shattered into thousands of pieces, kind of reminiscent of a cross between Netherstorm and the fiery bits of Tanaan Jungle

blizzcon 2015 mardum demon hunter world of warcraft

I mean…. can we get some doom jokes please?  Mount Doom? Temple of Doom?  Indiana Illidan and the Mardum of Doom?

Demon hunters will steal their abilities from the demons they slay.

Demon hunters get their own epic mount called the Felsaber, given to them by Illidan himself.

blizzcon 2015 demon hunter felsaber illidan

When you return to the Black Temple after you mission on Mardum, you are imprisoned by Maiev Shadowsong in the Vault of the Wardens.

3. Demons

blizzcon 2015 demons world of warcraft legion preview

We got some skurry new demons to fight.  I don’t know if they’re exclusive to the DH starting zone or if we’ll be fighting them throughout Legion.  But they do look really badass.  I hope that warlocks get some new demon looks as well.

The Broken Isles

We were given a closer look at the different zones we’ll see in the new continent.

4. Val’Sharah

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art legion world of warcraft

Described as a beautiful, forested, Druidic paradise.  But there’s a darkness creeping in.

Here we’ll be meeting Elothir (spelling?), a grand master treant druid.  I’m like… can I have that form? Pretty please?

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art elothir tree druid

Because Val’Sharah is such a druid-centric zone, it’s only fair we get new models.  Because druids are just better in every way.

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art moonkin owlbeast form balance druid

We also get a new swim form!

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art druid travel swim form

I would not want this guy creeping up on me while I was swimming.

5. Stormheim

blizzcon 2015 stormheim concept art

Stormheim is an interesting-looking zone.  It looks kinda of like maybe… Nevada?  I mean I’ve never been to Nevada, but I’ve seen pictures.  Or maybe Canada.  Never been there either though…

The Vry’kul call this rugged, treacherous land home.

blizzcon 2015 stormheim concept art vry'kul

We will also be exploring the Kvaldir and the Val’kyr.  There will be Val’kyr in this zone, so I have to wonder if Sylvanas is going to try to sway them to her side.  When her Val’kyr die, she will too.  Is she going to try to ally more to her cause and extend her life and the life of her Forsaken?

blizzcon 2015 stormheim concept art stormwing drake

There is also a new dragonflight called Storm Dragons, living in the peaks of Stormheim and Suramar.  I hope we get to have one of these as a mount.

They shows a video of the different areas of the zone, and one of them had a carving of a face on a tree, which reminded me of Game of Thrones.  It’s a nice little reference, though I don’t know if they did it on purpose.

6. Azsuna

blizzcon 2015 azsuna concept art

Azsuna looks serene on the outside, but it is a cursed and haunted land.  It was destroyed by Queen Azshara herself prior to the Sundering.  Why would she do that to her own people?  We’ll also meet the remnants of the Blue Dragonflight. Mage was my first main so I’ve always felt a kinship to the blue dragonflight and I’m interested to see what’s up.

As a side note, they somehow changed it so that view distance is much farther than it was before.  I always have max view distance and I like seeing what’s around me, so I feel like that’s going to be a welcome change.

blizzcon 2015 azsuna concept art naga

The naga will be playing a part of this zone.  There will be new types of naga, as well as new naga models.

blizzcon 2015 azsuna concept art ruins

I have to say I am loving what they’re doing with the ancient Night Elf architecture.  It’s true to what we’ve seen before, but it really does have that ethereal, Greek feel they’re going for.  It really makes me want to race change all my characters to night elf.

7. Highmountain

blizzcon 2015 highmountain concept art legion world of warcraft

Highmountain looks very…. mountainous.  I just don’t like mountain very much because they’re a pain in the ass.  And I’m not a huge fan of Tauren either.  Of course I will still do the zone but it may take me a longer to warm up to it.

blizzcon 2015 highmountain concept art tauren drogbar

Three clans of Tauren, direct descendants of those who fought during the War of the Ancient, have been living peacefully here.  Until the Drogbar have risen up from their caves and stolen their most sacred artifact which has fractured their unity.  But look.  That guy has moose horns.

blizzcon 2015 highmountain concept art harpy

Highmountain is also home to some badass-looking harpies.   It looks like they got a model upgrade too.

8. Suramar

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art legion

Suramar is where we’re ultimately going to end up.  The zone took a big hit during the Sundering, but thankfully the city itself still stands and thrives.  It was protected by a spell cast by the city’s most powerful mage, drawing on the power of…

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art legion nightwell

Night elves are really big on wells.  We’ve got moonwells, sunwells, wells of eternity, and now nightwells.  What other kinds of wells are we going to see?  Will we see Lassie and little Timmy falling down the well?

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art nightborne legion

The power of the Nightwell has mutated the elves into the Nightborne.  God I want to play one of those.  They’re a bit like the Drow from Dungeons and Dragons.

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art starved nightfallen

Nightborn that have been expelled from the city for committing crimes are called the Nightfallen, and they remind me of the Wretched in the Blood Elf zone who have been cut off from the Sunwell.

9. Thal’Drenath

They didn’t talk about this zone, as it’s unfinished and will be coming soon.


10. Zone progression will be non-linear, so your level will scale with whatever zone you’re in.  I’m kind of on the fence about this, because I actually like it being linear and knowing exactly where I need to be.  I find that when I’m left to decide that stuff for myself, I’m not sure what to do.

11. Endgame content will be more fluid than it was before.  There will be constantly shuffling world objectives that you can do throughout the whole continent.  There will be a large variety of missions and rewards.

blizzcon 2015 legion world quests preview

12. There will be two raids at first, the Emerald Nightmare and The Grand Palace of Suramar.

blizzcon 2016 legion cenarius

We get to fight fucking CENARIUS.  My inner druid is crying Nightwell tears right now.

blizzcon 2015 legion grand magistrix

We will also fight the Grand Magistrix of the Nightborn.  She’s kinda hot.  I love fighting female bosses because we usually don’t see them, and as a feminist, I want to beat up just as many women as I do men.

13.  There will be 5 starter dungeons, culminating in 10 dungeons when you get to 110.  Dungeons will be central to the expansion, according to the devs.  I really hope that’s true because I really enjoyed dungeons in Mists but the dungeons in Warlords just don’t do it for me.  Except the Everbloom, cuz it’s purty.

There will be the Eye of Azshara, Neltharion’s Lair, Halls of Valor, Darkheart Thicket, and the Violet Hold.

The dungeons available at max level are Vault of the Wardens, Black Rook Hold, Hellheim, Suramar Noble District, and Suramar Catacombs.

blizzcon 2015 legion darkheart thicket
Darkheart Thicket
blizzcon 2015 legion halls of valor


blizzcon 2015 legion maw of souls
blizzcon 2015 legion black rook hold legion

The goal is to keep dungeons relevant, even at endgame.  There will be a Legion challenge mode, with different scaling and modifiers each week.  And of course, phat loot at the end of the run.

Beta is supposedly going to be weeks, not months, after Blizzcon.

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